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  • TACAMO leadership to change: commodore retires

    With leadership of Strategic Communications Wing ONE changing hands this month, the current wing commander, Capt. Dan Seesholtz took time recently to share some parting thoughts with the wing he has led for the last 19 months.    Capt. Seesholtz will officially pass the reins of the Take Charge and Move Out community to current SCW-1 deputy
  • 3rd Herd marks 50th anniversary

    With a bang of the gavel, 3rd Combat Communications Group Commander Col. James Appleyard closed the 50th anniversary celebration of the 3rd Herd following their Dining Out July 6 at the Tinker Club.    The Dining Out was the last of three events commemorating the 50th Anniversary of the 3rd Herd last week.    The celebration kicked off July 5 with
  • 72nd MSG welcomes new commander

    Col. Dean Jackson surrendered command of the 72nd Mission Support Group to Col. James Eilers in an outside ceremony July 9.    About 150 military and civilian personnel attended the change of command ritual in the Tinker Club's east parking lot.    "Jim was our number one choice for this job, in what is always a heartfelt bidding war when we go
  • Robison assumes command of 72nd MDSS

    The 72nd Medical Support Squadron embraced change July 6. Lt. Col. Lorn Heyne relinquished command of the squadron to Lt. Col. Elmo Robison.    Nearly 100 Airmen and civilians sat in cushioned folding chairs outside the 72nd Medical Group by the flag pole. The flag flew at half staff in honor of the late retired Chief Master Sergeant of the Air
  • Tinker, off-base agencies rehearse multiple scenarios to prepare for attack

    (Editor's note: The following is the second in a four-part series on Readiness and focuses on the various types of attacks the base could experience, what to do and where to go in the event of an attack. Next week's article will discuss different biohazard attacks and what to do in the event of an epidemic or pandemic.) Recent events around the
  • The 552nd Air Control Wing celebrated the 30th anniversary of the E-3 Sentry

    The 552nd Air Control Wing celebrated the 30th anniversary of the E-3 Sentry, also known as the Airborne Warning and Control System, or AWACS, June 29 through July 1, with 552nd commanders and Airmen, past and present, coming from around the globe to share their stories. "The AWACS heritage is rich with stories of being 'first to the battle' at
  • Commander issues cell phone memorandum

    This memorandum establishes formal policy for violators of Code of Federal Regulations Title 32, Vol. 4 para634.25 (c) (3), Driver distractions:    A: "Vehicle operators on a DoD Installation and operators of Government owned vehicles shall not use cell phones unless the vehicle is safely parked or unless they are using a hands-free device. The
  • E-mail changes on base

    E-mail at Tinker Air Force Base is changing.    The Joint Task Force Computer Network Operations commander directed that HTML formatting is not allowed in e-mail due to inherent risks. Specifically, there are vulnerabilities that allow malicious code to execute merely by reading HTML-formatted e-mails. Microsoft configurations to protect against
  • Simply the best: Tinker Control Tower tops in Air Force

    Being the best in the Air Force says something. Words like elite, top, cream of the crop or select can describe being the best. But two simple words describe the 72nd Operations Support Squadron and the Tinker Control Tower, "the mission" period.    "If its Christmas morning or the evening of the fourth of July, our air traffic controllers are
  • New OC-ALC commander a true American airman

    Maj. Gen. Loren Reno has a passion for the Air Force second to none.   Sitting behind the dark-stained conference table and surrounded by the evidence of his many years of dedicated service, he is clearly comfortable with the top spot and quick with a reassuring smile and an encouraging word. In a voice unassuming, yet filled with confidence, he