AFMC Connect November focus: Thoughtful

  • Published
  • By Estella Holmes, Air Force Materiel Command Public Affairs

The Air Force Materiel Command Connect focus for November is thoughtful.

Team members who are thoughtful in their interactions with fellow Airmen add an essential ingredient to the health and overall success of the organization. The result can be compassionate acceptance of other’s differences and further movement toward the AFMC We Need.

Leaders should try planning engagements which are thoughtful and caring.

Volunteering can make a difference in the organization or community. Both individuals and communities can benefit from a food drive, an adopt-a-highway event or caroling at the local Veteran Administration eldercare facility.

Such activities are fraught with opportunities to strengthen bonds and reinforce the goals of an organization.

Consider caring strategies by asking questions which answer:

1. What does it mean to give back?

2. Why is giving time good for a member’s health and wellness?

3. What does a caring workplace look and feel like?

4. What are ways being thoughtful within the community helps everyone.

Encourage random acts of kindness which benefit others. Plan to share the impacts at the next gathering of members.

More information on thoughtful is available on the AFMC website.

In addition, information on leading discussions can be found in the AFMC Connect Implementation Guide.