Tinker Talks Podcast: Col. Abby Ruscetta and Chief Jeffery Sipos, 72nd ABW Leadership

  • Published
  • By Clayton Cummins

Col. Abby Ruscetta, the 72nd Air Base Wing Commander, and CMSgt. Jeffery Sipos, the Command Chief of the 72nd Air Base Wing, are guests on the latest edition of the Tinker Talks Podcast.

The Tinker Talks Podcast, hosted by Mark Hybers, is a podcast dedicated to the latest events and happenings on one of the largest Air Force bases, “Tinker Talks” features various perspectives from the 5,600-acre installation.

Ruscetta is no stranger to Oklahoma, being assigned to Tinker Air Force Base since July 2018 at the Oklahoma City Air Logistics Complex before becoming Commander of the 72nd Air Base Wing in July 2023.

Together, Ruscetta and Sipos discuss their background, priorities and everything Tinker Air Force Base in the latest edition of the podcast.

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