Tinker AFB welcomes three new fire inspectors, unveils digital training equipment

  • Published
  • By Clayton Cummins

Three new heroes have joined Tinker Air Force Base's Fire and Emergency Services Fire Prevention Branch, each with their own stories and reasons for stepping up to protect their community. Meet Aaron Dodson, Jerol Williams, and Keenan Kelley, the latest additions to the team of fire inspectors.

A familiar face around the base since 2007, Aaron Dodson has been through it all, from battling blazes to rushing to the scene as a first responder. For him, every day is a chance to make sure everyone stays safe from the dangers of fire.

“Fires can get out of hand very quickly,” said Dodson. “Preventing fires before they can start is key, and that is accomplished by going out and doing fire prevention visits at all of the buildings here on Tinker.”

Jerol Williams, who joined the team in 2005 after honing his skills in the Marine Corp, focuses on keeping the base's Child Development Centers and Youth Programs safe. His mission? To ensure that every Airman can concentrate on their duties, knowing their children are in good hands.

"I want all of our Airmen to know that when they go up in flight or when they are working, their kids are being taken care of," Williams shares. “I want to do my part to ensure they have a fire-safe building and work with the staff to help them develop better ways to handle emergencies.”

Last, but not least, Keenan Kelley, a Tinker FES member since January 2024. who joined the Air Force on September 11, 2001, feeling the call to serve his country in peace and conflict. "I was at the Military Entrance Processing Station when I heard my ID pop out of the printer, and everything went silent in the whole room," Kelley recalls. "Nobody was talking, and everyone was just gasping for air. I grabbed my ID off the printer and knew I joined during peace and war."

Now, he's dedicated to training others, spreading knowledge on fire safety, and confidently using 20 years of experience to help keep everyone safe.

It's not just about adding new faces to the team – it's about arming them with the best tools for the job. That is why Tinker AFB Fire and Emergency Services unveiled their latest innovation: a digital fire extinguisher system. This high-tech training tool simulates real-life fire emergency and prepares personnel to handle any small fire situation that comes their way.

"When you are having a bad day, things start spiraling," Dodson reflects. "It's better to be trained in what to do and how to fight a fire than stumble through it. You want to be prepared so when your worst day comes, you're ready."

With heroes like Dodson, Williams, and Kelley on the front lines, Tinker Air Force Base is safer than ever – and ready for whatever challenges.

If you are interested in training your personnel on the proper use of fire extinguishers and would like to get hands-on training with this new digital fire extinguisher trainer, please reach out to the Fire Prevention office at (405)734-3981.