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  • Tinker Frontlines: Meet Tyler Bowen

    Tyler D. Bowen is a logistics management specialist in the 72nd Logistics Readiness Squadron.
  • Tinker Frontlines: Meet Phyllis Sedlacek

    Phyllis J. Sedlacek, a management and program analyst in the 76th Propulsion Maintenance Group, plays a vital role in providing assistance and guidance to group leadership with regard to employee hiring.  Her efforts ensure that the 76th PMXG hires the appropriate amount of personnel.
  • Tinker Frontlines: Meet Airman 1st Class Cody Huff

    Tinker Frontlines: Meet Airman 1st Class Cody HuffAirman 1st Class Cody Huff, works air transportation in the 72nd Logistics Readiness Squadron. He has been in the Air Force for two years.Originally from Frogtown, Virginia, Huff enjoys spending most of his free time fishing at the local ponds, lakes and rivers.  The 72nd LRS manifests, deploys,
  • Tinker Frontlines: Meet Chris Ence

    Tinker Frontlines: Meet Chris EnceChris Ence is an emergency management specialist with the 72nd Civil Engineering Directorate.Originally from Santa Clara, Utah, Ence enjoys working on cars and spending time with his family.The Air Force retiree worked as a fitter/welder for two years after his retirement. He’s worked in the Tinker Emergency
  • Tinker Frontlines: Meet Angie Gronlund

    Tinker Frontlines: Meet Angie GronlundAngie Gronlund serves as a cashier at the Vanwey Dining Facility.Originally from the Philippines, she now calls Del City, Oklahoma, her home.During COVID, she helps keep the register area and other areas around the dining facility clean and sanitized. She says she loves everything about her job, mainly because
  • Tinker Frontlines: Meet Lisa McMorris

    Tinker Frontlines: Meet Lisa McMorrisLisa McMorris is the general manager for the three barber shops on base, including the Tinker Base Exchange, Bldg. 230's flightline shop and inside the Navy Shopette.McMorris, from Fort Dix, New Jersey, has served for 12 years here at Tinker, six of those in the GM position. Her duties include providing haircuts
  • Tinker Frontlines: Meet Airman 1st Class I’Munique Green

    Tinker Frontlines: Meet Airman 1st Class I’Munique GreenAirman 1st Class I'Munique Green serves as a vehicle search area member with the 72nd Security Forces Squadron.She has been in the Air Force since September 2018 and is from St. Petersburg, Florida.In her off-duty time, Green enjoys playing basketball, swimming, watching movies, reading and
  • Tinker Frontlines: Meet Linda Ewings

    Tinker Frontlines: Meet Linda EwingsLinda Ewings, the installation deployment officer with the 72nd Logistics Readiness Squadron, has 40 years of combined active duty and civil service.Originally from Kane, Pennsylvania, Ewings enjoys reading, watching movies and watching Survivor. She is also a grandmother of five.As the IDO, Ewings is the chief
  • Tinker Frontlines: Meet David Hash

    David Hash is a hazardous material specialist in the 76th Propulsion Maintenance Group.
  • Tinker Frontlines: Meet Jacquline “Jae” Grinston

    Tinker Frontlines: Meet Jacquline “Jae” GrinstonJacquline “Jae” Grinston is a training specialist in the 72nd Force Support Squadron.Grinston has 22 years of combined service, military and civilian. A highlight of her military career happened in 2000 when she was stationed at Dyess Air Force Base, Texas. She was a member of the Honor Guard team