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  • TINKER HISTORY: Douglas C-47 Skytrain

    The Douglas Aircraft Corporation C-47 “Skytrain” was a twin-engine, cargo and troop transport built around a cantilever low-wing configuration and tailwheel landing gear. The C-47 is a derivative of the Douglas DC-3 airliner which opened up air travel to the masses in the early 1940s and became

  • AIR FORCE HISTORY: Gen. Benjamin O. Davis Jr.

    Benjamin O. Davis, an aviation pioneer, is one of the most famous Tuskegee Airmen of World War II. His military career spanned five decades and three wars. He was the first African-American officer in the Army Air Forces, and was a member of the first African-American pilot-training class at

  • TINKER HISTORY: Allison J33 engine, unprecedented advancement

    The Allison J33 turbojet was the first mass-produced jet engine used by the military. The J33 was an outgrowth of the turbojet engine developed for aircraft use prior to and during World War II by the British in the form of the Whittle engine.The J33 powered what became known as “jet” aircraft like

  • AIR FORCE HISTORY: CMSAF #4 Thomas N. Barnes

    Chief Master Sergeant of the Air Force Thomas N. Barnes, born Nov. 16, 1930, entered the Air Force in April 1949. In fact, Barnes left Chester, Pa., on an unsegregated train for basic training and arrived to be segregated for basic training. At the time segregation in fact existed in the north, but


    The North American AT-6 “Texan” was a single-engine, basic trainer built for the Army Air Corps during World War II. It also saw service with the U.S. Navy with the designation SNJ (Scout Trainer North American) and with Royal Air Forces’ as the Harvard. The design featured robust main landing gear

  • Tinker kicks off diamond anniversary with luncheon

    Phil Tinker, grandson of Maj. Gen. Clarence Tinker, Lt. Gen. Lee K. Levy II, commander of the Air Force Sustainment Center, and Chief Geoffrey Standing Bear, Principal Chief of the Osage Nation enjoy the festivities of Tinker’s 75th Anniversary kickoff luncheon Jan. 30 at the Tinker Club. This was

  • Tinker History: P-51 Mustang

    The North American P-51 “Mustang” was a single-engine, air-superiority fighter and bomber escort which served the Army Air Corps during World War II in all theaters. The sleek design was built around the massive V-12 engine driving an even larger propeller. The aircraft was famously used in the

  • STEM like a girl

    As part of the installation’s diamond anniversary goals to better extend STEM education opportunities, Tinker hosted 40 girls in its first STEM Girls Camp, “STEM Like a Girl.” On Jan. 28 the camp, which targeted young girls in grades six, seven and eight, included teambuilding and STEM activities,