76th Maintenance Support Group

Mission: Provide a variety of scientific and engineering services for OC-ALC production groups and external organizations that safeguards quality, cost, performance and combat power.

Vision: Be, and be recognized as, the most competent and capable Physical Sciences Laboratory Group in the DoD.

76th MXSG Units:
76th Maintenance Support Squadron
776th Maintenance Support Squadron
Engineering Branch, 76th MXSG/MXDE
Production Operations Branch, 76th MXSG/MXDS
Production Support, 76th MXSG/MXDP
Energy Manager

Top Capabilities

Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM): The Metallurgical lab owns several SEMs to include the world’s largest SEM. SEMs are used as a non-destructive surface inspection solution. SEM inspection aides in preventing parts from being condemned saving the Air Force approximately $1 million a year.

Additive Manufacturing Support: The Physical Science Flight works in collaboration to support the OC-ALC’s additive manufacturing (AM) efforts.  Examples of laboratory AM support include: dimensional measurement, material characterization, fatigue testing, tensile testing, SEM and CT scanning.

Zeiss CMM: The Quality Verification Center is an environmentally controlled, modern dimensional inspection lab utilizing state of the art precision inspection equipment including, but not limited to, Coordinate Measuring Machines to provided customers accurate inspection data.

JOAP Lab: The Joint Oil Analysis Program (JOAP) lab performs predictive maintenance on engine oils to look for the concentration and trend of wear metals to point maintenance efforts at specific engine components before they fail to prevent in-flight emergencies.

ArcSpark OES: The Analytical Chemistry Lab utilizes the ArcSpark optical emission spectrometer to verify metallic composition of materials used in First Articles testing, mishap investigations, and engineering support projects.

CT Scanner: The Material Process Support Lab provides prototyping support for new engine thermal spray workloads.

Physical Science Laboratories

As part of the Oklahoma City Air Logistics Complex / 76th MXSG, the Physical Sciences Flight (MXDTA) provides critical analysis for both metallurgical and chemical materials. MXDTA also offers precision measurement services with a state of the art measurement laboratory. Over 17,000 square feet of laboratory space dedicated to high-end production and research grade equipment to provide on-site, on-demand, rapid and reliable professional services for various aerospace components and processes. These services are provided to multiple weapon systems, maintenance organizations, program offices and other DoD agencies.

The Flight is comprised of over 75 scientists, engineers, and technicians throughout six main laboratories, each with its own core mission and technical expertise.