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  • Keep spirit of Christmas alive and kick the post-holiday slump

    In the story "A Christmas Carol," Scrooge learns to keep Christmas all year long. No matter the religion or how one celebrates, some of the things that are loved and cherished about the holiday season are things that can continue all year long. Time with family and friends doesn't need to be only at

  • I had a good day!

     Written by It's no secret that in life some days are just plain better than others.Yesterday was quite simply one of those better days. Laughs, jokes, work, fun, shared experiences and food. It reminded me that when we sit together, break bread, sip a coffee or tea, or raise a glass we are building

  • This is an uncomfortable time to be a civil servant

    I'll say it ... this is an uncomfortable time to be a civil servant. Six days of furlough this past summer, sequestration, government shutdown, debt ceiling impacts -- it makes me uncomfortable just writing about it. We may be frustrated with the current situation in Washington; actually, to be

  • I lost, but I gained

    I lost my home and the majority of my possessions in last week's tornado, but I gained a whole new love and respect for my Tinker friends and co-workers. The best disaster preparedness plans don't prepare you for the emotional impact of losing your home. I'm normally a very organized person, but the

  • Commander's Commentary: Preparing for the future

    I know everyone is anxious to hear news about the possible sequestration and potential for civilian furloughs. I know this affects more than just the mission; it has a personal impact on each and every one of you. Unfortunately, we're still waiting to hear what's going to happen regarding

  • Happy holidays!

    As we draw closer to the end of the year, I want to take the time to wish everyone Happy Holidays!This is a wonderful time of year filled with the anticipation of miracles and a new start in a new year. I want all of us to come back recharged, refreshed and ready to make things better tomorrow than

  • Results of Health and Welfare Inspection

    I'm extremely proud of the Air Force Sustainment Center!In compliance with the Air Force Chief of Staff direction, AFSC has completed our health and welfare inspections and it went extremely well. While there were some areas that needed clean up, overall no major issues were found. I want everyone

  • Today we fly ‚Ķtomorrow we soar

    Today is a great day to fly ... as we look ahead to soaring tomorrow!Each and every member of the Air Force Sustainment Center should take tremendous pride in what we accomplished this past fiscal year. Working in unprecedented partnerships, we constructed a leaner, more responsive sustainment

  • My job is prosecuting sexual assault

    Here's a simple truth...sexual offenders reject our core values of integrity, service and excellence, in favor of following their own base, undisciplined, criminal desires. Most sexual assaults committed by Airmen are "blue on blue," or Airmen victimizing other Airmen. So in addition to rejecting

  • Be proud of your role this Independence Day

    On July 4, 1776, the Continental Congress approved the Declaration of Independence, starting the colonies on the path to freedom. The next day, John Adams wrote to his wife, describing the time as "the most memorable epoch in the history of America" and saying he was "apt to believe that it will be