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  • The importance of being earnest… at reading

    I love to read. It’s a total escape for me. Reading for pleasure, professional development, catching up on sports, whatever the subject, reading is a habit I’m happy I adopted. To quote Thomas Jefferson, “I cannot live without books.” When I was preparing for my deployment to Africa back in 2016, I

  • COMMENTARY: Your sphere of influence—how are you using it?

    As I reflect on the past two years in command, I want to share an important lesson and that is to control what you can control—your sphere of influence.The Air Force recently produced a video with its Chief of Staff, Gen. David Goldfein, called, “Because of You – Aviators.” If you haven’t seen it, I

  • Commentary: First Tinker Air Show experience doesn’t disappoint

    Despite living in Oklahoma for most of my life, I have never been to Tinker’s bi-annual Star Spangled Salute Air & Space Show. That all changed this past weekend.This year’s show wasn’t just a first for me, but also for my wife, Britni. We have friends, family and acquaintances that have worked or

  • Commentary: Deployment 101

    Earlier this month, I had the privilege of witnessing deployers from the 507th Operations Support Squadron reunite with their loved ones at the end of their deployment. My wife was a key spouse providing information and communication to families to ensure a smooth transition for everyone. Later, we

  • What if we could prevent the cycle?

     I have worked for Tinker Air Force Base for nearly 30 years and I can honestly say my job as a Community Support Coordinator is the best position I have ever held. I have worked several jobs in the 72nd Air Base Wing that keeps planes landing and taking off safely, people communicating via the web

  • Thank you for all you do

    Wildcatters,As the year comes to an end and I reflect back on 2014, I'd like to thank each of you for being part of our ABW family.  You made 2014 a very successful year across all of Team Tinker.  Your skill, energy, and commitment powered us through countless challenges and will remain the key to

  • COMMENTARY: Social Media: Stay connected, but stay secure

    Social media is still a great way to keep in touch; but it is important to be aware that not everyone watching is a "friend."The Air Force guide to use of Social Media advises users to: "Be cautious with information sharing. Maintain privacy settings on your social media accounts, change your

  • Commentary: Make a difference for survivors

    It took me years to realize that it wasn't my fault. It took even longer than that for me to find my voice -- to tell my story.My name is Marti Ribeiro, and I'm a survivor of military sexual assault. I was asked to speak last week at the Sexual Assault Awareness Month luncheon. I was asked to tell

  • Every Airman has a role in preventing sexual assault

    Every April we recognize Sexual Assault Awareness Month, using it as an opportunity to renew our commitment to treating each other with dignity and respect. I applaud and support the idea of a month focused on sexual assault prevention and response, or SAPR, but what we really need is everyone's

  • ‘Thank you for the great ride’

    My wife Lori and I recently vacationed in Orlando, Fla. with our 10-year-old and 8-year-old nephew and niece. Of course, when you go to Orlando and are accompanied by small children, you have to spend time at one, if not all, of the Disney theme parks. Despite their ages, neither our nephew,