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  • 552nd CRCs: Home at last

    The 552nd Air Control Wing recently accomplished a feat that had not been achieved in nine years.As of July, all four of the contiguous United States-based control and reporting centers' units were back from the Middle East. While it's not a permanent condition as a new rotation begins in January, officials said it is a testament to the Airmen and
  • Transient Alert handles visiting aircraft

    Tinker AFB supports scores of E-3 AWACS Sentries, E-6 Mercurys, B-1 and B-52 bombers and KC-135 tankers. The base also hosts myriad other types and models of aircraft from other domestic military units and other countries."Anybody who flies into Tinker, we handle," said Dave Kellam, a Quality Assurance Evaluator for the 72nd Operations Support
  • Security Forces injects a dose of realism into training exercise

    The smell of cordite fills the hallway. It always lingers after gunfire. Bodies are down, writhing and calling for help. The fire-team pushes down the hallway. They're met by more gunfire. The team moves forward, breaking through apprehension. People are dying. They move crisply down the hallway, checking corners, calling out instructions to one
  • Fixing and reporting near misses, hazards a base-wide responsibility

    Fixing hazards and near misses doesn't have to be a big production. Oftentimes, it can be done with a screwdriver, duct tape or a shovel and a couple of minutes.If there is a pile of broken glass in a parking lot and a car narrowly avoids driving through it, it is a near miss. By shoveling and properly disposing of the broken glass, the hazard is
  • Bioenvironmental Engineering Flight: keeping Tinker workplaces safe

    The 72nd Aerospace Medicine Squadron Bioenvironmental Engineering Flight is here for you. While the flight of 44 personnel is most famous this time of year for posting daily heat condition alerts through the network, the staff assures they do much more and, as a result, have collected a fan base across the installation.The flight, in short, is
  • IP office has work cut out for them

    There are no stupid questions when it comes to information protection and classified documents. Just ask Ron Blackmore, a security specialist in the 72nd Air Base Wing Information Protection office. He insists it to be true. As one of five civilian employees in the office, he said it is their job to ensure to protect valuable information and the
  • AWACS officer retires with more than 10,500 flying hours

    On July 27, 1981, 1st Lt. Jon Williams flew his first sortie on the E-3 Sentry aircraft as a weapons director. Now, 31 years later, Maj. Jon Williams, an evaluator mission crew commander in the 963rd Airborne Air Control Squadron, has logged 1267 total sorties, 222 of which were combat sorties. His 10,527.2 final flying hours total is an all-time
  • It’s a small world … Airmen reunite at Tinker

    Despite being geographically separated about 1,200 miles from home, two Airmen in charge of maintaining the E-3 Sentry Airborne Warning and Control System aircraft at Tinker Air Force Base have been made to feel right at home after landing in the same unit here after graduating from high school in Buffalo, N.Y. some 15 years apart. Affectionately
  • Heartlink is an orientation program for military spouses

    Are you a military spouse who has been "married" to the military for five years or less? Does your spouse use strange acronyms that you don't understand? When they are in uniform and with a group of other military members do they stand up when specific people walk into a room? Why do they salute a car or stop when the national anthem is played at
  • Miss Oklahoma has Tinker roots

    Sept. 16, 1995, is a day that resonates with Alicia Clifton. At 3 years old, she sat on her mother's lap in their south Oklahoma City home and watched the Miss America pageant. As Miss Oklahoma Shawntel Smith accepted the prize-winning crown, Alicia decided she wanted to be Miss America one day. She's halfway to her goal. Now 20 years old, Ms.