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  • Anniversary highlights 20 years of AFMC’s warfighter support

    The warfighter need for streamlined logistics support and expertise in science, technology, research, development and testing launched the creation of Air Force Materiel Command, which marks its 20th anniversary on July 1. "AFMC supports the entire spectrum of the Air Force mission, and 20 years offers an opportunity to look back with pride on the
  • At 30,000 feet AWACS crew demonstrates operations to local media

    Separately, they're 26 Airmen who have answered their nation's call. Together, they're the 965th Airborne Air Control Squadron's Golden Eagles AWACS mission crew. Situated in an E-3 Sentry, a modified Boeing 707 with a radome, the crew flies at approximately 30,000 feet processing communication information for ally aircraft and ground combat
  • Tinker man takes control of his life, determined to live better

    Dave Thomas is a new and improved man who is making consistent strides to better his life. In four years, the 58-year-old type 2 Diabetic gained a new lease on life, began bicycling and shaved off 75 pounds. He continues his pedal to a healthy lifestyle despite a recent type 1 Diabetes diagnosis. On June 23, Mr. Thomas will put his skills to the
  • Tinker Rowing Teams training for upcoming regatta

    Tinker AFB has two rowing teams that are training to compete in the Corporate Classic Regatta at the end of this month in downtown Oklahoma City.Senior members of the Oklahoma City Air Logistics Center comprise the Tinker Lead-Oars team, and the base legal staff constitutes the Quid Pro Row team.According to Col. David W. Penczar, staff judge
  • Doing yard work safely

    How many times have you been cutting your grass when you heard, and felt, the loud bass rumble from someone blasting their car radio while driving through your neighborhood? Besides the noise pollution and general nuisance of having to hear someone else's music disturbing your yard work ... let's face it, if you gotta play it that loud, how good
  • Going in reverse

    Tinker AFB Engineering has many tasks, ranging from equipment and building management to fixture and tool design. Typically when Engineering receives a request for parts or tooling, aircraft drawings (mylar) are used to design the needed item that eventually is made in one of Tinker's machine or sheet metal fabrication shops.However, the 76th
  • Make every road trip a safe trip

    Safe driving is no accident. Prior preparation and constant vigilance will ensure you get from one location to another in the safest manner possible. · Drive only when well rested· Drinking caffeinated drinks does not cure drowsiness while driving. Drinks containing caffeine, such as coffee or cola, can help you feel more alert, but the effects
  • Safe boating depends on you

    The weather's great, the weekend is free of chores and responsibilities; it is a great time to head out on the water. But, before you jump in, prepare yourself to ensure your safety, those in the boat with you and others on the water.· Listen to the National Weather Service for the day's forecast and plan accordingly. Cancel boating trip if
  • Pool, diving and swimming safety

    As the weather becomes warmer, reports of accidental drownings become all too common. Drowning victims encompass all age groups -- the toddler who fell into the family pool, the teenager who dove into a lake and struck an unseen rock, the adult who was pulled out to sea by a strong undertow. Perhaps the saddest fact about each of these cases is
  • Airman’s Attic benefits Tinker families

    The Tinker Airman's Attic, located in the Airman and Family Readiness Center in Bldg. 6001, offers young Airmen and their families a place to pick up household items, clothes and toys for children -- free of charge. The facility is run by volunteers and stocks items military members want to pass on. The Attic offers a great opportunity for the base