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  • Are dental X-rays safe?

    Dental radiographs, commonly referred to as X-rays, are pictures of the teeth, bone and surrounding soft tissues. Dental X-rays help dentists see cavities, pathology such as cancer in the jaw and bone loss that sometimes cannot be seen during a clinical exam.Radiation of dental X-rays penetrates oral structures at different levels depending on
  • Stabilizing the warfighter: Knowledge, versatility keys to shop’s success

    The volume of work in the B-1 Stabilizers and Miscellaneous Shop, 551st Commodities Maintenance Squadron, has multiplied in recent years."Four years ago there were only three of us in the shop," said Noah Freed. Today, Mr. Freed is the unit chief and the shop has 18 mechanics.The B-1 Stab/Misc Shop in Bldg. 9001 supports programmed depot
  • Tinker members treated to ‘great’ show by blues guitarist

    What started out as a fan letter from a young blues guitarist 14 months ago, recently turned into a golden opportunity for some Team Tinker personnel to see Joe Bonamassa, one of the greatest blues and rock guitarists in the world. That's the story according to Lt. Col. Jim Hinds of the 552nd Training Squadron anyway."My 13-year old son, CJ, has
  • DOD-funded education program introduced at Tinker three 5th grade Tinker Elementary classes benefit

    Trays of supplies were placed in the middle of each of the five tables. Twenty-five fifth graders from Tinker Elementary sat at the tables in a Tinker Youth Center classroom eyeing the beaker cups filled with water, Dixie cups filled with sand and tongue depressors. With pencils in hand and open workbooks in front of them, some students wrote in
  • Gift Corner has a lot to offer

    See for yourself why customers keep coming back for more at Gift Corner in Bldg. 3001. This exclusive gift shop located within Café 3001 offers a vast selection of greeting cards, badge holders, lanyards, home décor, fashion accessories, Oklahoma collegiate items, balloon bouquets, candies and much more. Managed by the Arts and Crafts Center, the
  • What is it going to take?

    Here are two acronyms you may be familiar with: SEE and SEE.The first one describes a method of looking at the environment while driving -- Search, Evaluate and Execute. This driving strategy requires you to pay attention to what's going on around you. Aggressively searching for things that can hurt you is really important. Once you identify the
  • Key Spouses promote readiness, support; relay information to peers

    A "key" is a verb, noun and adjective with a handful of synonyms. For 25 Tinker units, it's the symbol of a beneficial, and otherwise missing, link between active-duty Air Force members and their spouses. Adhering to the motto, "See the key ... talk to me," these spouses work with squadron commanders and first sergeants to relay pertinent
  • Picking up the pieces: The prosecutor’s role

    Editor's note: In this series on reporting a sexual assault we wanted to look at each step in the process for a "typical" sexual assault case on an Air Force installation. Last week we focused on the law enforcement's role. This final week we'll focus on the prosecutor's role. After Airman Doe's interview with OSI was over, a military lawyer called
  • TAP ‘very beneficial’ for Tinker sergeant

    Tinker's Transition Assistance Program was "very beneficial" to one soon-to-be military retiree, who plans to go through TAP again soon to "hone in on additional briefings of interest."Senior Master Sgt. Anthony "Tony" Hairston, who retires in four months after an Air Force career of 25+ years, attended the TAP workshop at Tinker's Airman and
  • Transition assistance available to those leaving military service

    Military personnel in the Tinker area who are mustering out of uniform have access to free professional advice on how to secure a job in this tough economic environment.For example, Steven L. Auld of the 72nd Force Support Squadron, a Community Readiness Consultant with the Airman & Family Readiness Center, coordinated an Employment Relocation