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  • Cancer claims foot, but doesn’t dampen spirit, of Tinker athlete

    A native Oklahoman who works at Tinker played football, baseball and golf, until cancer cost him the lower part of one leg. Rather than give up athletics, he switched to sitting volleyball, and he may make the Paralympic Games in London next summer."I love sports and I want to set an example for my kids, the way my dad set an example for me," said
  • Weather, course upgrades make golf year-round game

    Seems golf season is over with ... or is it? Don't put up the clubs just because Jack Frost is out nipping at your nose. Oklahoma is blessed with ever changing weather pattern that allows for golfing in the winter, and if they can golf in Chicago in 25 degree weather, Tinker can too. Sure, more clothing layers are recommended, but aside from a
  • Regular flag football season ends; White goes undefeated

    Reserve White closed out the regular season of Tinker AFB flag football as the sole undefeated team heading into the league playoffs.Reserve White raised its record to 7-0 Tuesday night by whipping the 552nd Maintenance Operations Squadron, 28-12.Nevertheless, the Cougars were a stalwart opponent. Although MOS quarterback Justin Gates was
  • Building frames for airframes

    Whatever needs to be shipped at Tinker Air Force Base, chances are the "Box Shop" can make a container for transporting it.For example, one time the shop manufactured a wooden container for a B-52 vertical stabilizer. The shipping crate was "the size of a trailer house," Woodworker Supervisor Johnnie Gregory said.The Defense Logistics Agency
  • Small adjustments can heat up exercising in cold temperatures

    With scorching summer temperatures finally giving way to cooler weather, a few sensible adjustments in clothing and exercise habits are recommended by fitness specialists at Tinker Air Force Base."The weather here in Oklahoma provides nearly year-round running conditions, and with just a little consistent cold-weather training your body will easily
  • Former, current Team Tinker members recall 9/11 during AFA event

    It was a day they say they will never forget.As the events of Sept. 11, 2001, played out across the country, those in leadership positions at Tinker Air Force Base had to shake off the shock they felt and deal with operational issues at home.Some of those former leaders were part of a panel at the Air Force Association's 9/11 Forum discussing
  • 76th SMXG: Software and hardware for safe landings

    Editor's note: This is the last in a series on the mission of the 76th Software Maintenance Group.The 76th Software Maintenance Squadron is more than repairing bugs within a line of code. The Test Program Set and Operational Flight Program divisions occasionally combine their efforts of software code writing and hardware development into a complete
  • Passport to serve

    Dena Hale, passport agent and citizenship agent, began her military career with the Navy as medical corpsman and combat medic. In 1999, she crossed over to the blue and served in the Air Force as a medic until she retired from active-duty service in 2007. She said the past five years of working in the passport office has been very different from
  • Watching for signs of suicide helps save lives

    Recognizing early warning signs of suicide can help prevent a Wingman from taking their own life. However, one Tinker Airman relied on gut instinct alone to save her brother's life when the warning sign he gave was not as visible.While looking at Facebook on her phone, the Airman saw a post from her brother that read, "I want to go Home." After
  • Program plays vital role in 76th SMXG mission

    Editor's note: This is the third article in a series on the mission of the 76th Software Maintenance Group.The 76th Software Maintenance Group not only writes code for aircraft to get off the ground. The Operational Flight Program offers many technological advantages that keep the Air Force on the modern edge of computer technology.A Test Program