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  • The E-3 Sentry Puzzle: Air and senior surveillance technicians

    There are many people in the 552nd Air Control Wing who aid in each successful E-3 Sentry mission, and every person is an integral piece of the big wing puzzle: communications, maintenance, flyers and the Airmen who support them.    Like all the other pieces of the Airborne Warning and Control System puzzle, the air and senior surveillance
  • Center’s ‘A-Team’ manages technical orders

    They consider themselves the "A-Team" of the Oklahoma City Air Logistics Center. Playing on the "A" of the GBHA office symbol, the 558th Combat Sustainment Squadron's Technical Order Management Support Flight manages more than 29,000 technical orders.    TOs provide instructions for the safe and effective operation and maintenance of Air Force
  • Suicide Prevention Week: Looking for warning signs can save a life

    Actor Owen Wilson attempted suicide in late August. His situation brings light to a harsh reality, that he isn't alone.    As National Suicide Prevention Week continues through Saturday, experts are informing the general public about the grim facts.    "Suicide is often the result of untreated depression or other mental health disorders," said
  • Inspector General’s Office handles complaints of all kinds

    "Who do you appeal to? If there is no place else to go, you come to see us," said Col. Paul Davidson, outgoing Installation Inspector General for Tinker.    The Office of the Installation Inspector General welcomes complaints and issues of all kinds, recognizing that not every contact results in an 'Inspector General complaint' said Deputy
  • New IG takes reigns on Monday

    Inspector General Col. Paul A. Davidson is handing over the reigns to Col. Anthony K. Deckard current 552nd Operations Group deputy commander, Monday.    After nearly 30 years of military service, Col. Davidson said he is looking forward to retiring.    "We're building a house and I'll get settled in to that, ride my Harley as much as possible,
  • Celebrating 60 years: Air Force anniversary reminder to Airmen of persevering spirit and role in mission

    Today is the 60th anniversary of the Air Force. In several hours, the Air Force Ball will commence. Many Airmen will reminisce and plan for the future. Team Tinker will likely remember its role in the Air Force mission and its persevering spirit, as the Air Force Chief of Staff recently did in a memo.    Gen. T. Michael Moseley penned a memo about
  • Frequently asked questions about alcoholism, alcohol abuse

    What is alcoholism?    Alcoholism, also known as alcohol dependence, is a disease that includes the following four symptoms:    Craving -- A strong need, or urge, to drink.    Loss of control -- Not being able to stop drinking once drinking has begun. Physical dependence -- Withdrawal symptoms, such as nausea, sweating, shakiness, and anxiety after
  • Dental care for happy, healthy aging seniors

    Your teeth can last a lifetime with proper home care and regular dental checkups. Even if you brush and floss regularly, you may face certain issues in your senior years when it comes to your oral health.    Wearing dentures, taking medications and general health conditions are some of them.    · Fluoride toothpaste is recommended: Cavities and
  • 960th AACS shuts down VQ-3 in intramural football

    The 960th Airborne Air Control Squadron flag football team opened the 2007 season with a 14-0 victory over the Navy's Fleet Reconnaissance Squadron THREE in intramural football action Sept. 5.   The game started with both sides hyped for victory.   The 960th AACS got the ball first, but was unable to mount a lasting drive. The VQ-3 experienced the
  • Fort Sill duo captures Labor Day Golf Championship

    While most of the Tinker workforce was experiencing the enjoyment of sunny skies and calm waters on the lakes of Oklahoma or the fresh smell of barbeque, a select group of golfers were testing their wares at Tinker Golf Course during the 2007 Labor Day Championship.   The tournament is an annual event with golfers from Fort Sill, Altus Air Force