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  • New process helps team meet demand

    It's no secret that the 51 year-old KC-135 Stratotanker is essential to the nation's warfighting capabilities. The aircraft has a fuel capacity of more than 30,000 gallons, which is enough to drive a car almost a million miles. Despite its age, this aircraft is still in high demand.   The Tinker Team Spirit program, managed by the 564th Aircraft
  • CFC, Race for Freedom to raise money for sanctioned charities

    It's nearly that time of the year.    The Combined Federal Campaign, the only military-authorized solicited fund-raising activity, and the CFC Race for Freedom, are just around the corner, Oct. 4 and Sept. 15, respectively.    This year, officials have set a goal of $1.65 million for the entire Central Oklahoma Military community and have said they
  • Air Force Ball commemorates past, future

    Sept. 14 should be a night to remember.    Nearly 600 Tinker Airmen are expected to attend the 60th Annual Air Force Ball at the National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum in Oklahoma City. Commemorating the theme, "Celebrating the past and serving the future," officials said they hope the night's event is enjoyed by all.    "It will be a
  • No first amendment rights on government computers

    "I just hate my boss!" my friend said in an e-mail.    "Dear Friend, this is not a chain letter!"    "My church is having a benefit concert ..."    What's the harm in forwarding your club, volunteer or religious organization e-mails to the other Tinker members?    Murphy's Law takes effect here, resulting in your e-mails being delivered to hundreds
  • Maintenance Group Airmen work to ensure mission success

    When the E-3 Sentry conducts its missions at home and around the world, every Airman in the 552nd Air Control Wing has their own part in guaranteeing the mission's success.   Many maintainers in the 552nd Maintenance Group have a motto: "Without maintenance, flyers are just pedestrians with cool leather jackets." But those same maintainers know the
  • Changes coming for ‘chem refresher’ training

    When many Airmen hear the phrase, "You're scheduled for chem training," they know it's time to pull their gas mask out of their car trunk, closet or supply section and get ready for a long day of lecture, sweat and flying charcoal.    It means at least five to six hours in a classroom watching PowerPoint slides, with the occasional "GAS, GAS, GAS!"
  • Pedestrians, drivers must work together for safety

    The first reported pedestrian fatality occurred in the United Kingdom in 1896.    Katherine Driscol died as a result of being struck by a vehicle while at the Crystal Palace. The maximum speed of the vehicle that struck her was only 4 mph at the time of impact.    More recently at Tinker, there has been a sharp rise in pedestrian/vehicle mishaps
  • Unit Spotlight on Equal Employment Opportunity Office

    When you step into the Tinker Civilian Equal Employment Opportunity Complaints Office, it hard to tell they deal with workplace disputes.    You are greeted by bright colors, inspiring art work, a mild fragrant mist, soft music and of course, a smiling and friendly administrative assistant.    "We want people to feel like it is private where they
  • Family, Teen Talent Contest coming up

    Does your family like to perform on stage?   The Tinker Youth Center is looking for talented dads, moms, brothers and sisters to perform in the 2007 Family and Teen Talent Contest at 7 p.m. Sept. 22 the base theater.   Entertainers can sign up for the contest before the Sept. 15 deadline at the Tinker Youth Center or call 734-7866 details.
  • Local auditions for Tops In Blue set for Sept. 22

    The 72nd Services Division is coordinating local auditions for this year's Tops In Blue competition.   To help applicants prepare their entertainer audition tape and polish their act, a base-level talent contest and taping will be held with the Family and Teen Talent Contest at 7 p.m. Sept. 22 in the base theater.   The sign-up deadline for the