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  • Watch out for black ice while driving, walking

    Encountering black ice, whether you're driving a privately owned or government vehicle or traveling on foot, is a cause of many injuries during the winter months. What is black ice? It's a very thin layer of frozen water without many air bubbles. It's the lack of air bubbles that make the layer of ice transparent and creates the illusion of a wet,
  • Tinker beats Offutt in OT

    The Tinker men's varsity basketball squad has dominated Offutt AFB in all six of their meetings this season, but their duel Sunday afternoon went into overtime.Team Offutt led Tinker by 2 when Earl Moseby sunk a bucket as the clock wound down, knotting the score at 71-71. "I was hoping it hit at the right angle to kiss off the backboard and go in,"
  • Holloman takes Hawks to brink

    Although Holloman AFB brought only seven players for a basketball tournament here last weekend, they made Tinker earn both of the Hawks's victories. Holloman pushed Tinker to the limit, and one of their players was so aggressive that he fouled out of both games against the Hawks.Playing with an abbreviated roster Saturday less than an hour after a
  • Financial Fitness: Get back on financial track after holiday spending

    Overspending during the holiday shopping season has a way of putting things into perspective come January when all the bills are due. Now is the time to get things back on track for financial fitness.At the beginning of the year it is always a good idea to check on the finances and see if the budget from last year is still the same budget needed
  • Broadening your career: Setting goals, education can lead to new career opportunities

    Taking control of your own career future is the first step to career growth and job satisfaction. Career development is important to sharpen skills, learn new skills and prepare for advancement opportunities. A successful career involves many factors. Such factors can include learning new skills, obtaining additional education and
  • Educator says goodbye after 45 years at Tinker

    Just before graduating from Langston University in 1969, Lola King met a recruiter from Tinker Air Force Base. Just like that meeting changed her life, Dr. King has changed the lives of many. Today, she retires from civil service after a 45-year career, which has been highlighted by the inspiration and encouragement of countless people.Dr. King
  • Engineering a career: Engineers perform myriad duties

    Approximately 1,600 engineers work at Tinker, performing myriad tasks.The Oklahoma City Air Logistics Complex employs engineers in the Aircraft Maintenance Group, the Commodities Maintenance Group, the Maintenance Support Group, the Propulsion Maintenance Group, and the Software Maintenance Group.San Tran, a process engineer in the 76th Commodities
  • Set healthy goals, make them stick

    Another year has passed and it's time to set new goals for a positive 2014. It is a time to reflect on last year's behaviors and create an opportunity to make positive lifestyle changes. Making resolutions and sticking to them can be an intimidating task. There are a few steps you can follow to help you on your journey to achieve these new goals.
  • Donated blood saved Tinker man

    Massive blood transfusions were required to save the life of a 38th Cyberspace Engineering Installation Group employee injured in a motorcycle mishap a decade ago."I'm a living testament to the value of donated blood," said David Smith, branch chief in the Engineering Squadron, 38th CEIG.In June 2004, Mr. Smith and a close friend, David Hurley of
  • Cookies bring holiday home to the Tinker dorms

    Remember the holidays as a child? The smell of cookies baking filled the house with a wonderful aroma. For many young Airmen, the taste of a delicious cookie can bring back happy memories of home and let them know someone is thinking of them this holiday season.This year a group of senior leadership spouses got together to organize the Team Tinker