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  • Bracelet connects woman, former POW

    A California woman and a former Tinker officer captured during the Vietnam War were "reunited" the day before Thanksgiving after an absence of many years.Kim Jaurena and her husband, Greg, were at their home in Murrieta, Calif., cleaning out their bedroom closet recently, when he chanced upon a cedar box that had been sitting idle on a shelf for
  • ‘Tis the season for holiday gift giving guidelines

    With the holidays approaching, Tinker employees need to be mindful of gift-giving policies."The holiday season is traditionally a time of parties, receptions, and exchanging gifts. However, even at the holiday season the standards of Conduct apply," advises the Department of Defense Standards of Conduct Office, Office of General Counsel.Tinker has
  • Tinker employee honored for 50 years of service

    When Troy Corder came to work at Tinker Air Force Base, Lyndon B. Johnson was president of the United States, Charles de Gaulle was president of France, a gallon of gasoline cost 32 cents, a first-class postage stamp cost a nickel, and the first episode of the sci-fi series Star Trek was broadcast on television.Dr. Corder, an education services
  • Great American Smokeout: ‘One day’ starts today

    How many times have you started a sentence with "One day...?" "One day I'll go back to school." "One day I'll take that vacation." "One day I'll run a marathon." Or how about, "One day I'll quit smoking." It's time to turn that "one day" into today!Join the Health and Wellness Center and Quit Tobacco - Make Everyone Proud for the Great American
  • Mental Health Flight helping military, families

    "Coming for help doesn't mean you're worthless; it means you value your worth, just like we do," said Sheryl Milton, 72nd Medical Support Squadron Family Advocacy officer.The 72nd MDOS Mental Health Flight has 48 military, civilian and contracted professionals aiding Tinker's military members and their families. Organized by offices including
  • Tinker mechanic's two 'cool' C-130 IDEAS

    Keven Merrill is on a roll. The 551st Commodities Maintenance Squadron Tank and Cooler Repair Shop mechanic recently participated in the Innovative Development through Employee Awareness, or IDEA, program. He submitted two proposals and both were approved. Together, they will save the Air Force thousands of dollars.Mr. Merrill proposed an idea to
  • Smoking cessation success rate higher for those with regular exercise program

    Recent data has demonstrated that smokers who participate in a regular exercise program have a much higher smoking cessation success rate. The more physically active you are, the greater your success rate.If you are a smoker or used to smoke, you know that quitting is one of the hardest things to do. The American Lung Association reports that
  • Pills aren't a cure-all for life

    Our society has evolved into one that tends to reach for a pill to treat problems that seem out of our control -- such as stress, pain, work, marriage, etc. Many of us believe pills are a quick fix for anything and everything that ails us, improving our appearance, performance and mood. Medications in of themselves are not bad and many do help
  • Domestic Violence Awareness Month: Reporting options available for victims

    Domestic abuse often goes unreported in society at large as well as within the military. Although a victim's decision to report the incident is a crucial step toward holding the offender accountable, victims sometimes fear that reporting may have serious potential consequences such as:· jeopardizing their safety and welfare and that of other family
  • World War II vets visit Tinker

    Today they walk with canes or get pushed in wheelchairs. But 70 years ago the members of the 388th Bombardment Group were young men in their late teens or early 20s, risking their lives flying in B-17s on bombing missions over Nazi-occupied Europe.Twenty surviving veterans of the Army Air Corps unit, along with about 65 family members, visited