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  • Safety: Gas cans, are they safe or not?

    Everyone does it ... store gasoline in a portable container to use at home for the lawn mower, weed eater or keep in the car "just in case." Ever wondered what is safe when hauling or storing the gasoline until needed? There are a few things to consider that could save a life or, at the very least, property.What is safe and why? Special containers
  • 101 Critical Days: Planning, caution needed when it comes to extreme sports

    Extreme sports, such as bungee jumping, parasailing and sky diving (see more in the list below) have become more popular among Airmen in recent years. For many Airmen, the lure of extreme sports correlates to some of the same reasons for joining the Air Force. The common personality traits include spontaneity, excitement-seeking, and risk-taking.
  • Tinker man dies in flash flood, will be missed

    His neat desk is adornedwith vases of fresh and colorful flowers. There are framed family photos, an open memorial book awaiting the next inscription and his Holy Bible. Taped on his monitor is a small picture of him. But his chair is empty and his phone lays on the hook. It is a constant reminder that something is amiss. Yes, Vincent Brown is gone
  • Catapult contest still ‘on’

    Although it's been postponed twice, the catapult contest envisioned by the 960th Airborne Air Control Squadron is now expected to launch this fall.Originally it was called the "Spring Fling" and was scheduled for May, but had to be postponed because of an outbreak of tornadoes. It was rescheduled for July 26 and renamed the Summer Siege. A "water
  • 101 Critical Days of Summer: Strap on safety before bike rides

    Bicycling is a very popular activity during warm weather. Although there are no hard statistics on the actual number of riders, the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration reports their surveys show approximately 57 million people, 27.3 percent of the population age 16 or older, rode a bicycle at least once during the summer in 2002.
  • Beat the heat, check the backseat

    Joel Gray was just 5 months old when he died. Lourdes Duvall and Tytus Hoskins lived only six months. These are just three of the nation's 33 young victims who died from hyperthermia in vehicles during 2012. So far this year, 23 children have suffered untimely deaths, most after having been forgotten in vehicles by their parents or caregivers.Since
  • Tinker Airman reflects on journey from enlisted to officer ranks

    Tinker changed his life, literally and figuratively. Prior to his 964th Airborne Air Control Squadron assignment in 1999, Jason "JC" Henry was simply a senior airman fulfilling his enlistment obligation. At Tinker, someone took an interest in his career and something changed. The Airman soon pursued an education in hopes of one day becoming an
  • The little shop that can make anything

    When jet-engine maintenance mechanics in the Oklahoma City Air Logistics Complex need a one-of-a-kind or expensive tool or part to perform their jobs, they often visit the tool makers and engineers in the 76th Propulsion Maintenance Group's Repair and Development Shop."We support the backshops," said Mike Kraus, supervisor of the 76th PMXG R&D
  • 101 Critical Days: Basketball injuries most reported Class C mishaps

    Basketball, a sport played by a large number of Airmen, is also the one activity that results in the most reported Class C mishaps. During the 2012 Critical Days of Summer, there were 40 Class C injuries reported that resulted in lost work days.While it is incumbent upon each Airman to stay physically fit, it is their responsibility to prepare for
  • A Tail Tale: Shop stays busy repairing rudders

    Each year, approximately one-fifth of the KC-135 Stratotankers still in service with the Air Mobility Command have their rudders repaired at Tinker.According to Unit Chief Fernando Esquivel of the 551st Commodities Maintenance Squadron, his shop in Bldg. 9001 repairs about 80 rudders from KC-135 Stratotankers and E-3 Sentrys each year. Most of the