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  • Stay connected with social media without sacrificing career

    Engaging in social media can be a positive experience that entertains, keeps people connected and allows opinions to be expressed on a wide variety of topics.In some cases though, social media can ruin personal reputations or careers, and create an open window for criminals to access personal

  • It’s A Bling Thing: Tinker has largest electroplating shop in DOD

    Almost every part on a U.S. Air Force jet aircraft engine has a thin coat of plating or plasma spray on it, and that process is aperformed in Bldg. 3001 at what is billed as the largest electroplating shop in the Department of Defense.According to John Foster, Special Processes Flight Chief in the

  • 101 Days of Summer: Think safety when it comes to water sports

    Sports and recreational activities account for the largest number of reported off-duty Class C injuries which resulted in lost duty time. Although basketball remains the sport resulting in the majority of injuries; summer activities bring risks in many other sports. This article focuses on water

  • Tinker nutrition class helps couple reboot healthy lifestyle

    Prometheus and Stacy Hagger have found the secret to success. Together, the married couple has lost 63 pounds since March. They'll be the first to admit success is not a secret -- it's a matter of perseverance, good habits and a positive attitude; plus a little bit of cheesecake, in moderation."It's

  • Resources available to victims of domestic violence

    As an effort to enhance mission intervention readiness, the Family Advocacy Program's Domestic Abuse Victim Advocate is providing weekly group meetings for victims of domestic violence. Victim Support Groups are gender specific and are available weekly on Thursdays starting today for females from 1

  • 101 Critical Days of Summer: Built for speed

    Speeding is only one problem when it comes to private motor vehicle-related mishaps. When you take a look at the top six causes, you'll see that the greatest threat to drivers is the drivers themselves. These are the top six (in order), identified by the National Highway Transportation Safety

  • Warning signs of heat stroke, exhaustion

    Heat StrokeHeat stroke is the most serious and life-threatening heat-related illness. In certain circumstances, your body can build up too much heat, your temperature may rise to life-threatening levels, and you can become delirious or lose consciousness. If you do not rid your body of excess heat

  • Beat the HEAT:How are work/rest cycles calculated?

    72nd Aerospace Medicine Squadron, Bioenvironmental Engineering FlightWith record high temperatures already here, Tinker personnel may be experiencing a little more stress in the way of "heat stress." With prevention, the harmful effects of heat can be avoided. There are many environmental factors

  • General Kirkland outlines OC-ALC’s cost-effectiveness

    A "culture of continuous process improvement" has enabled the Oklahoma City Air Logistics Complex to simultaneously boost speed and improve quality. "I know that's counter-intuitive, but we've seen the results," Brig. Gen. Donald "Gene" Kirkland, commander of the OC-ALC, told members of the Sequoyah