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  • No air power without ground power

    "It's the life force for aircraft maintenance. If they don't have it they can't troubleshoot their jets and if they can't troubleshoot their jets, they won't be ready to conduct the mission," said Senior Airman Austin Beard, 380th Expeditionary Maintenance Squadron Aerospace Ground Equipment journeyman deployed from Tinker Air Force Base. Aerospace
  • AFSC focus: Contracting Directorate

    The Air Force Sustainment Center's Contracting Directorate is responsible for billions of dollars in purchases. "We write, negotiate and administer contracts for our customers," said Bob Boyles, who is dual-hatted at Director of Contracting for Tinker AFB and for the AFSC.By the end of March, the directorate had performed 6,900 contracting actions
  • Med Group a sports dynamo

    Maybe there's something in the water they drink or the air they breathe in Bldg. 1094, headquarters of the 72nd MDG, because the Med Group has become a multi-sport powerhouse at Tinker AFB.Most recently, the Medics captured their second consecutive base flag football championship on May 8. The Med Group was undefeated in flag football this spring.
  • What’s keeping your child from performing on grade level? Better Hearing and Speech Month

    Children with communication disorders frequently do not perform on grade level because they have difficulty understanding and talking, struggle with reading and writing, misunderstand social cues, show poor judgment, have trouble taking tests, and may avoid school. Is this your child?This May, as part of Better Hearing and Speech Month, the 72nd
  • Tinker Sailor trains for 143-mile bike ride

    It's not the Tour de France, but it's certainly more than a quick jaunt around the block. Navy Petty Officer 2nd Class John Lewis is training for a 143-mile bike ride this fall.The 33-year-old petty officer said he started riding a bicycle shortly after he arrived at TACAMO, where he works at Strategic Communications Wing One in flight line
  • Celebrating the legacy of the 'Herd'

    The unit shield is unmistakable, a sword intersected with four lightning bolts and the words "Live by the Sword" emblazoned underneath.When the mantra "Anytime, Anywhere" is exclaimed by 721 combat communicators, it motivates every occupant in any auditorium, parade field or convention hall. The 3rd Combat Communications Group, affectionately known
  • Tinker civilian applies Green Belt principles to real-world projects

    Toby Smith gets it and the proof is in his actions; just ask Brian deFonteny or Karl McCausey.In March, the Oklahoma City Air Logistics Complex tool program manager attended a five-day Green Belt class. When he returned to his work area, he put his lessons to use and is working on a value-added process improvement."We were really excited about
  • AFSC Focus: Engineering & Technical Management

    In the Engineering and Technical Management Directorate of the Air Force Sustainment Center, "We are about 'engineering the possible'," Director Angie Tymofichuk said recently. "Through AFSC's engineering workforce, we evaluate what needs to be done and then we engineer a solution."With just under 100 people at three sites, the directorate has
  • 966th AACS Airman earns four CCAF degrees in single year

    Tech. Sgt. William Woltmann achieved something rare. In fact, he is the first Tinker Airman in a Community College of the Air Force graduating class to do it. At the May 8 Tinker ceremony, Sergeant Woltmann will accept four associates degrees, which were completed in a single graduating class.From August 2012 to February 2013, Sergeant Woltmann
  • Fire and Emergency Services here to serve, protect

    Why do we have a fire department? I receive this question often, and many folks are amazed that we have an operational fire department on the base.First, our goal is like many first responders; "Serve and Protect." Second, a community as complex and varied and critical to national defense has numerous challenges that cannot be easily served without