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  • Volunteers fill vital role on base, more needed to help base mission

    They often fly under the radar but without them, the mission at Tinker would be impossible. They regularly operate with little notoriety and perform their tasks with unheralded devotion -- fully aware that their greatest accomplishments are those done for others. Their presence saves the Air Force hundreds of thousands of dollars and these
  • Tornado Alley sweeps up two Tinker women

    "Rumblin' Ruby" and "Rogue 2Hell" will not show mercy. Donning protective gear, mouth guards, helmets, roller skates and their "derby attitudes," they mean business. After all, they are Tornado Alley Roller Girls with a 7-1 record.Sally Phelps and Jamie Weber, respectively, are two of 51 women who participate in the Oklahoma City Roller Derby
  • Team Tinker beats the heat

    As the summer sun peeks over the horizon, illuminating the Oklahoma plains with golden hues, Michelle Rudloff couldn't think of a place she'd rather be: outside, in the heat of a Mid-Western summer, watching the grass grow. There's nowhere better, she says.It's a sweltering July day at Tinker and although the clock still reads ante meridiem, the
  • Tinker ref has been making the calls for decades

    Several inches of water covered the football field as Millwood High School and Bishop McGuiness fought it out on a sloshy Friday evening in the fall. Richard Zyzak stood as the offensive umpire that night some 25 years ago. Though a deluge had moved through the area before the game, he was relatively dry -- for now. The ball was hiked and the
  • Blessing in disguise: Tinker Area Audit Office

    They've been likened to number crunchers, but the Air Force Audit Agency personnel at Tinker are more than that. They are also researchers, inspectors and consultants educated in nearly every aspect of Tinker, the Air National Guard unit at Will Rogers World Airport and Altus Air Force Base, Okla. Made up of 30 auditors and one administrative
  • On target: Tinker shooting club aims for firearm education

    Katherine Nobile slides the action closed on her 12-gauge shotgun and looks out over the expanse in front of her, steadying her nerves. Everyone waits for her cue. She wipes sweat from her brow in the growing morning heat and then shoulders the firearm. A single word is all it takes."Pull," she yells. An orange-clad clay pigeon takes to the sky and
  • Airport welcome center offers military members a comfortable spot to land

    They sat on a plush leather couch with video-game controllers in their hands. Dressed in their Army Combat Uniforms, two privates were intently focused on the flat-screen action before them as they enjoyed the amenities offered by the YMCA Military Welcome Center.The 5,000-square-foot center is situated at cargo door "O," an outside walk from
  • Work to live: Outdoor Rec trips help Tinker man share passion for adventure with base

    A Rocky Mountain sun peeked over the horizon and spread a swath of golden light across the valley. Erik Jones looked up the mountain some 200 meters from where he was situated comfortably on a rock, as the orange beams slammed against the face of Long's Peak. Jones was accompanied by a handful of friends and fellow mountaineers on that day several
  • Engineer continues father’s Sentry legacy

    To most children, their parents' jobs are just a lot of smoke and mirrors. Few kids truly comprehend what mom and dad actually do while away from the house for long hours of the workday. For many, they get a good-bye and perhaps a peck on the cheek, with a promise to 'see you when I get home.' Then, the parents are gone, and the mystery of their
  • Force Support Sustainment Flight is customer driven, ‘behind the scenes’

    Your wellbeing is their first priority. And, they work around the clock managing the base's lodging, fitness, dining facilities and Honor Guard to meet your satisfaction. "They" are the 172 personnel in the 72nd Force Support Squadron's Sustainment Services Flight. Spread throughout the base, the unit is responsible for four fitness centers, at