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  • Parts producers: Tinker’s machine shops are invaluable

    To say four machine shops within the 76th Commodities Maintenance Group are important is an understatement. They are essential; they are the "manufacturers of last resort."Tool and Die, Numerical Control, General Machining and Precision Grinding produce parts and tooling from raw materials when the items can't be purchased elsewhere. "Our
  • 552nd Commodities Maintenance Support Squadron keeps bearings rolling, help keep warfighters flying safely

    Tucked deep within Bldg. 3001 is an 8,000-square foot clean-room facility whose crucial mission is known by few. The 552nd Commodities Maintenance Support Squadron Bearing Shop performs Level I, or reclamation, overhaul maintenance on bearings for 12 weapons systems and engines. A bearing is a device to allow constrained relative motion between two
  • Tinker volunteer remembers historic flights over Berlin

    At almost 85 years old, Charlie Blackwell, former cargo flight engineer, can readily recall what his strangest payload was. The year was 1948. As the tensions between the Allies and the Soviet Union escalated, the hammer came down on Berlin. In early summer of that year the Berlin Blockade began, as the Soviets tried to seize ownership of the
  • Recruiting squadron builds Air Force ranks with a new kind of recruit

    Amassing an enormous area-of-responsibility, they call themselves bounty hunters, saying, "We'll find them anywhere." But, the members of the 349th Recruiting Squadron are far more than that. They are responsible for signing up the best and brightest individuals to join the Air Force, while facing challenges many military members will never
  • Nothing sew-sew about this shop

    The sewing machine dances a dervish in the seamstresses' capable hands. It's mid-afternoon and the building is mostly vacated, but around the work station of Sarah Jarel, there's a whir of kinetics. She moves with a purpose at her work station in the 552nd Commodities Maintenance Squadron, or as it's more commonly known, the parachute shop in Bldg.
  • Fair brings families, help together

    Tom and Patty McManus realized something was different when their son was in the second grade. They'd noticed several signs in the months leading up to the diagnosis, but as their son Chris reached 7 years old, they learned he had Asperger's -- a type of high-functioning Autism."We had a conference with (Chris' teacher) and said 'we can't keep
  • Old faithful: Some of Tinker’s industrial machinery has been in service for more than 50 years

    While it's common knowledge that Tinker's history dates back to the 1940s, few people know the history of its machinery. Several real property equipment pieces are original and still functioning. Within Bldg. 3001, there are active machines which have been on base since the 1950s.The machines have not only stood the test of time, but continue to
  • Tinker civilian vows to help others after son’s suicide

    There's not a day that goes by in which Rocky Dunham doesn't think about his deceased son. It's been more than two years since Joey, Mr. Dunham's youngest son, committed suicide on a spring day in May 2008. And yet, the grief that resonated in the hearts of Mr. Dunham and his wife, Linda, is still a tangible commodity today. If you talk for even a
  • Tinker man uses skills to mentor local youth on, off the field

    When players complete their time on Tracey Walker's team, above all he wants them to have learned one thing. "I want them to leave (the team) knowing they can achieve," Walker says. It's a simple goal, but one that he works toward tirelessly. Walker thrives on the potential of others. And the Gerrity Fitness and Sports Center recreation assistant
  • Tinker’s chaplains: helping servicemembers with grace

    Chaplains are an integral part of Team Tinker. But, while they are frequently seen delivering an invocation before a luncheon or change of command ceremony, their day-to-day responsibilities are a mystery to much of the Tinker community.Many don't know there are only six active-duty chaplains, one part-time chaplain candidate and four active-duty