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  • Don’t spin wheels when it comes to bicycle safety

    How many of us ride bicycles? We usually start this activity early in life and if we learn good habits early, they will stay with us the rest of our lives. However, it is never too late to learn to be safe. Below are some tips on protective equipment for you, necessary equipment for your bike and safe riding tips to incorporate in your daily or
  • Not your mother’s club: TOSC has fun while supporting community

    Today's officers' spouse club is not like your mother's or grandmother's club. Gone are the days of the white gloves, fancy dresses and cutting bandages for the Red Cross.Today, the key word is philanthropy and having fun while helping others. At the Tinker Officers' Spouse Club, fun comes through many different avenues. The No. 1 mission of the
  • Boyhood fascination forecasts winning future for weather NCO

    When he was a kid he would just sit and watch the storms roll in. The Owasso, Okla., native drank in the sensory weather patterns of his Tornado Alley home, particularly drawn to the gonging, blustery thunderstorms that swept down the plains. Although those childhood days are far behind, Master Sgt. Sam Pugh is still passionate about all things
  • Membership has its benefits

    The Tinker Club doesn't settle for doing things "halfway." This week marks the mid-point for the club's membership drive and they are only halfway to their goal of 100 new members by May 31. What can you do to help them reach their goal? Current club members will receive either $5 cash or $10 in FSS bucks for each new member they refer. If you're
  • Rangers suit up for better season

    Brad Short can remember his day of baseball fame well. The year was 2001 and his American Legion team in Arlington, Texas, was playing for the league championship. A high school freshman at the time, Short was on the mound that day -- his real estate of choice. And that day, he was on. "I pitched a complete game," Short says. "I had nine
  • Geared for combat

    Gunshots reverberated across the compound and several Airmen fell to the ground. The siege had begun and the objective was clear. Assume control of the center barrier and take the enemies out. When the smoke cleared March 17, the fallen Airmen rose from the ground and dusted themselves off. The simulation was over and the training day concluded for
  • Teams face off April 23 in Can-Am Cup

    Cheers erupted in the Tacoma, Wash., restaurant as a raucous gaggle of Airmen reveled in the glory of victory.It was Feb. 28 and Canada had just won gold against the United States in the ice hockey final at the Vancouver Olympics. The celebrating Airmen -- part of the 552nd Air Control Wing Canadian Detachment at Tinker -- had been in Washington
  • Diverse mission simple motive: 72nd Aerospace Medicine Squadron focuses on people

    It's all about the patients when it comes down to it. That's the driving force behind the 72nd Aerospace Medicine Squadron at Tinker, and it shows. "What gets us coming back to work every day is the patients," said 72nd AMDS commander Col. James Ice. "I recently gave a speech to the Veterans Administration and I said that veterans are the reason
  • Take a hit, never quit: Tinker officer builds toughness on roller rink

    It was a grueling day in March 2009 when the junior officer learned just what she was made of.It was a practice like none other for Nicole Messinger, who was an aspiring roller derby skater with Oklahoma City's Victory Dolls. What had started as a routine exercise that spring evening turned into a watershed event in her derby career.For the first
  • Women’s History Month feature: Tinker firefighter is ‘just one of the guys’

    Robin Edmiaston is just one of the guys ... kind of. Excluding her love for pretty shoes, getting dressed up and fidgeting with shimmery lip gloss, she's devoted to her career -- as a firefighter.Ms. Edmiaston stumbled into the male-dominated career field 16 years ago. Call it an accident, clerical error or destiny, but it was a start that taught