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  • A story untold: Tinker man’s passion for history leads him to write about World War II survivor, battle

    Everybody has a story to tell. But James Bement, senior intelligence officer for the Oklahoma City Air Logistics Center, didn't think he would be the one telling it.Mr. Bement's book, "Baseball, Battle and a Bride (An Okie in World War II)," tells the story of Robert Freese, an Oklahoma City native drafted a month after Pearl Harbor and seeing
  • Draftee sent straight into ground assault against Japanese in New Guinea

    Bob Freese entered the U.S. Army as a draftee in January 1942, little more than a month after the attack on Pearl Harbor precipitated the U.S. entry into World War II. A well-known amateur ball player, the Oklahoma native reported for duty at Fort Sill near Lawton before being shipped to Camp Roberts, in California.Half-trained, he and other recent
  • Model citizen: Tinker man turns work into play with model aircraft hobby

    Heyward "Marty" Martin's days are spent working on aircraft. He does it all day long. And when he gets home, the work continues.On model aircraft, that is."I enjoy it," says Mr. Martin, an aircraft mechanic with the 564th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron. "It's relaxing. This is my sanity."Mr. Martin rigs the control cables on the KC-135 tanker
  • Tinker fighters suit up in new boxing facility

    Not everybody got what he wanted for Christmas. But for Coach Lavell Sims and the Tinker All Services Boxing Team, the present they received is just what they hoped for and more. In May 2009, Sims made a special list and has been checking it twice ever since. The purpose of this list? To tell his superiors exactly what equipment the boxing team
  • Serving the spirit

    Parishioners put the finishing touch on the base chapel last week in anticipation of additional services during the Christmas holidays.Like many this holiday season, the chaplains and the chapel staff will be busy. Both Protestant and Catholic services are scheduled, including Midnight Mass and Candlelight Services on Christmas Eve. "The Christmas
  • Tinker shop provides deals, charity donations

    A couple of dollars buys a budding golfer a club and a bag of golf balls. A boy waits impatiently to try on a pair of Spiderman shoes. And a woman carefully cradles a glass bowl in her hands like a sacred treasure. "My mother used to have a sugar bowl just like this," says the cashier, admiringly. Sugar bowls and Spiderman are just a few of the
  • Airman works toward doctorate

    They don't call him Doctor Airman. At least, not yet. "I'm the college kid," says Senior Airman Luke Pagan, a desk sergeant for the 72nd Security Forces Squadron. "That's how they know me around here." Although Airmen with college degrees are not uncommon, an enlisted Airman with a master's degree working toward a doctorate is. Just over 5 percent
  • Test by the best

    It could be said the 72nd Medical Support Squadron's clinical laboratory is the backbone of the 72nd Medical Group. After all, the laboratory staff enables the medical group to breathe life into the motto, "Best Care Anywhere." Located on the first floor of Bldg. 5801, the lab staff draws blood, collects specimens and processes the samples. The 14
  • Lady Hawks take to the skies

    If he quit cold turkey I think he might die. Like the simple need for food or for oxygen, this man requires his sports fix to keep it all together. And while I'll steer away from saying he's outright addicted to the activity, it's apparent he could never give it up. But thankfully -- for all parties -- nobody is asking him to do that. So now, nine
  • Battle repair for the air

    The 76th Aircraft Maintenance Group's Expeditionary Depot Maintenance Flight is there just in case of aircraft battle damage repair emergency. When the 22 Airmen who make up the flight receive a call about a damaged aircraft, they're on top of it, thinking outside the box, ensuring that aircraft will make one more flight. Together since the 654th