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  • Minutes from death

    Sept. 24 is likely a day Lt. Col. Monique Yates will not soon forget. She said she knew something was off, but she didn't know how serious it would become. Colonel Yates said she knew she was having an allergic reaction, but didn't know she was about to go into anaphylactic shock, and that if five minutes had passed without her receiving medical
  • It’s all about Wingmen...

    Everybody needs a wingman. "That's because friends and co-workers are often the first to see emotional and behavioral changes in people contemplating suicide," says Capt. Jerri Turner, a psychologist with the 72nd Medical Group's Mental Health Flight. "We become very familiar with people and their moods," she explains. "We encourage co-workers and
  • UNSUNG HEROES: Familiar face at Tinker leaves gate

    Rick Tripp talks tools with co-worker Senior Airman Christopher Edwards in the Bldg. 3001 main tool crib recently. Mr. Tripp can't walk down the aisle from his new job with 76th Maintenance Support Group without people doing a double take or stopping to greet him. The familiar face used to check badges and greet workers as a gate guard until
  • Answering the call (twice)

    They say that the Lord works in mysterious ways. That was true for new 72nd Air Base Wing Chaplain (Lt. Col.) Dave Terrinoni and his calling to minister in the military. With his twin daughters sleeping upstairs, the self-employed businessman sat at the table filling out bills late one night when, out of nowhere, he stopped, sat up straight and
  • Aspiring artist uses lessons learned at Arts and Crafts Center

    From crayons to oils, aspiring artist Janet Sherry expresses herself through a wide variety of artistic media, including photography, digital imaging, oil painting, pottery and Japanese Haiku poetry. Haiku is a Japanese verse form, rendered in English as three unrhymed lines of five, seven and five syllables. Her creative energy was refined under
  • In Tinker’s Tacamo community ‘The Shadows know’

    "What is the Navy doing in a landlocked state? We get a lot of that," says Lt. j.g Clint Turner, an airborne communications officer with Fleet Air Reconnaissance Squadron FOUR and part of the unit's public affairs office. The answer is simple -- deterrence. The 500 Sailors of VQ-4 -- the Shadows -- and its sister squadron VQ-3, fly the Navy's only
  • Tinker worker loses nearly 70 pounds during recent AFMC Lean Challenge

    Jimmy Nation is a big fat loser. By 67 pounds, to be exact. "I did all right," said Mr. Nation, who lost the weight as a recent participant in the third annual Tinker Lean Challenge hosted by the Air Force Materiel Command's Civilian Health Promotion Services. A production controller with the 76th Aircraft Maintenance Group, Mr. Nation joined the
  • Tinker National Test Center opens on Rose State campus

    The Tinker-sponsored National Test Center opened last month on the Rose State College campus, becoming the 117th center Department of Defense-wide. At a base-sponsored NTC, the institution provides the staff and technology for the administration of the College Level Examination Program, the Dantes Subject Standardized Test and the Excelsior College
  • Boxers showcase talents at annual smoker

    The fight of the night belonged to a rookie boxer, but all nine bouts in the Tinker Boxing Smoker Aug. 21 provided plenty of excitement for the fans at the Gerrity Fitness and Sports Center. "The excitement this event draws each and every time is the most exciting and fan populated event we have at the Gerrity," said Steve Thomasson, director of
  • Tinker man uses painful past to battle against suicides

    When 27-year-old Gordon Joel "Joey" Dunham died, his father wanted to die, too. "I've had every emotion possible," explains Rocky Dunham, a tools and parts attendant with the 552nd Commodities Maintenance Squadron. "I had no idea what suicide was about until it touched me when my son died last year. Losing a child, a loved one, is bad enough, but