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  • Team of former GM workers hang on at Tinker, may move back

    A combined 235 years devoted to the auto industry brought several former General Motors employees to the Tinker work force. Since the time Tinker leased the plant, several of the former GM employees have found out they will be re-distributed back to the plant as Tinker employees. When the Oklahoma GM plant announced its closing in November 2005,
  • Airfield manager retires after 45 years of service

    For most, 45 years of military service and 23 years of the same position may seem like a lifetime of repetitive work, but for Tinker's airfield manager, it's been a lifetime of enjoyment. Don Lott joined the Air Force at the age of 18 and stayed active duty for 22 years. After he retired from active duty he continued to serve his country as a
  • American Heroes: Local veterans exemplified duty in their generations

    Homer Thompson went to enlist in the Army Air Corps during World War II at the age of 19, but found himself in the infantry instead. Mr. Thompson joined before D-Day in 1944. The war effort needed more foot soldiers at the time. "All of my friends were going in and I felt the need to protect my country and do my part and try to help the world. Boot
  • American Heroes: Local vets exemplified duty in their generations

    Larry Smith knew he would one day be a Marine, he just didn't know how quickly that would happen. Mr. Smith came from a long line of Marines in his family, as far back as the First World War, all of them playing a part in the wars following. He was the first of three brothers to go into the Vietnam War. Mr. Smith, now a Tinker photographer,
  • Sailors help bridge gap for Soldiers in Baghdad

    A TACAMO crew from the 379th Air Expeditionary Wing flew over Iraq and acted as a communication liaison between ground personnel Monday.    In the Middle East, the "Take Charge And Move Out" flies over Iraq to serve as the last means of communication between ground forces.    "On a larger scale, our job provides open range of communication for
  • Unit Spotlight on 5th Manpower Requirements Squadron

    Realignments, transformation and shaping the workforce to better support warfighter needs seems to be a recurrent theme Air Force wide and the 5th Manpower Requirements Squadron plays a direct role in making these changes.    "Using complex equations, we measure what people do to determine how many people it takes to do a job," said Staff Sgt.
  • Tinker woman collects golf clubs for deployed Airmen

    "FORE!!!"    A golf ball soared off the balcony and across an artificial lake toward the horizon. Tech. Sgt. Adam Carr of the 72nd Comptrollers Squadron held the golf club. Deployed to Camp Victory in Baghdad, Iraq, he stood on a makeshift green elevated to the height of the stone railing at Al-Faw Palace.    A photograph of Sgt. Carr's after his
  • 'Transformers: The Movie' has Airmen seeing stars

    (Editor's Note: For those who have not seen "Transformers: The Movie," several details of the plot are included in the following story.)    How many military personnel get the chance to be in a Hollywood movie? Not many - most movies have actors and actresses portraying military members.    But what would happen if a creative team wanted real
  • It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas: Tinker personnel donate books to on-base program

    Poet Helen Steiner Rice once wrote, "Peace on earth will come to stay when we live Christmas every day."    The spirit of Christmas echoed through the Oklahoma City Air Logistics Center Director of Staff conference room July 26.   Roughly 25 people attended and collected nearly 50 children's books for the Family Support Center's new Ready and
  • Unit Spotlight on 559th Combat Sustainment Squadron

    Most people know engineers design aircraft parts; depot maintenance fixes them, but who packs and ships them? They may not where brown or drive white logo'd trucks, but shipping is their business.    The 559th Combat Sustainment Squadron packaging and transportation flight is responsible for packaging, handling, storing and transporting all prime