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  • Unit Spotlight on 559th Combat Sustainment Squadron

    Most people know engineers design aircraft parts; depot maintenance fixes them, but who packs and ships them? They may not where brown or drive white logo'd trucks, but shipping is their business.    The 559th Combat Sustainment Squadron packaging and transportation flight is responsible for packaging, handling, storing and transporting all prime
  • 552nd Air Control Wing lends helping hand to community

    In the past year members of the 552nd Air Control Wing have helped out their local communities in big ways. From food to shelter to education, Airmen from the wing have stepped up to the plate and hit a home run that has affected the lives of people all over the Oklahoma City area. "What better way to demonstrate Air Force Core values than by
  • Comm & AWACS: Exploring link between 552nd Communications Group, AWACS mission

    When the E-3 Sentry conducts its missions at home and around the world, every Airman in the wing has their own part in the mission's success. For many people, the implied 552nd Communications Group's mission revolves around office computers, the telephone lines and network communications - but that is only a very small part of the 552nd CG
  • Eating a mobility elephant: First end-to-end look at 552nd mobility process through AFSO 21

    "Management by Hero" is how Maj. Chris Stoner, 552nd Air Control Wing deployments officer, described the wing's old mobility process. "We were beating our mobility folks up in order to get crews out the door," said Lt. Col. Anthony Deckard, 552nd Operations Group. "At every point along the process chain, we found our deployment people were thrown
  • Maintainers save man-hours with AFSO21 changes to E-3 inspections

    When aircraft maintainers think of inspections, their minds can go crazy with thoughts of preparation and increased workload. However, the men and women of the 552nd Equipment Maintenance Squadron Maintenance Flight here at Tinker Air Force Base, Okla., saw the E-3 Sentry Isochronal Inspection process as an opportunity for improvement. When someone