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  • 76th PMXG leading several cost saving initiatives

    In the spirit of Cost Effective Readiness, the Air Force Sustainment Center's "Road to $1 Billion" is reaching out in many directions to achieve cost reductions. AFSC personnel have been challenged to do things smarter, resulting in us doing it cheaper. In the 76th Propulsion Maintenance Group, personnel are working to exceed customer expectation
  • How can the School Liaison Officer help?

    The average military family moves six to nine times over a 20-year career. This does not include the additional school moves that occur as children transition between elementary, middle and high school. With each move, military children face many school-related challenges. The School Liaison Officer coordinates and assists military and Department
  • 101 Critical Days of Summer: Barbecuing safety

    During these Critical Days of Summer, many of us love to fancy ourselves as the ultimate cook. We break out the barbecue grills and other associated utensils and proceed to grill mouth-watering meals. Before we delve into the grilling project, there are a few things we should familiarize ourselves with:Step 1: Identify the hazards: Let's look at
  • Tool Crib: MXSG Main Tool Issue Center

    Talk about supporting the warfighter--if it has a bolt, a screw, or a rivet, chances are the tool that tightened it came from the M-TIC.The M-TIC or main tool issue center is located in building 9001 and supplies all the hand held tools for the complex.Toby Smith, 76th MXSG complex tool manager, said tool kits are put together and assigned to a
  • 101 Critical Days of Summer: What make a good motorcycle rider?

    During this most important period of summer, the Critical Days, many Airmen and civilians break out their motorcycles in an effort to enjoy the warm days on a different level. Being a good rider can make the difference between life and death.The following are qualities of a good motorcycle rider. Good riders have a quiet efficiency in their actions
  • On the move? A few tips to make the transition easier

    Moving is never easy and the process can be exhausting when transferring all of your belongings from house to house. Adding children and pets into the equation can make moving even more stressful.Whether arriving or departing, an organized move is the key to success. Below are a few tips from Balfour Beatty Communities to help make your next move
  • Energy conservation: It starts at home

    Using energy wisely at home is an important way for everyone to control electric costs and reduce the environmental impact -- a win-win. Lowering your energy use puts more money back in your pocket and reduces the harmful emissions released into our environment in the energy generation process. You don't have to overhaul your home or make a major
  • Tinker doctor among wounded warriors on pilgrimage to Lourdes, France

    For 56 years, wounded warriors around the world have flocked to Lourdes, France, with the International Military Pilgrimage to pray for peace.Dr. Gilbert Sanders, a clinical neuropsychologist with 72nd Medical Group, and his wife, Lidia, attended this year's pilgrimage along with 101 wounded or disabled Airmen, Soldiers, Marines and disabled
  • 101 Critical Days of Summer: Assessing risks first minimizes potential hazards later

    Risk Management is the process in which hazards to man, operations and missions are identified, associated risks assessed, control measures to reduce risks developed and put in place, and supervision provided to ensure that the task is performed within the boundaries developed. RM is a five-step process that smoothly flows from the identification
  • 101 Critical Days: Pedestrian safety not just a 'one-way street'

    As we continue to enjoy the warm weather and the ongoing Critical Days of Summer, many of us use walking as a form of exercise. We have to walk after exiting our vehicles in parking lots, creating a special awareness from both vehicle operators and pedestrians.We are fortunate at Tinker that we have very few vehicle-pedestrian mishaps. However, one