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  • Crews breathe easier thanks to 550th CMMXS’s 'Air' Force

    A one-of-a-kind shop at Tinker literally puts the "air" in the Air Force."We supply the air you breathe," said Thomas Spicuzza, section chief from the 550th Commodities Maintenance Squadron, 76th Commodities Maintenance Group. "This is mission critical equipment. You can't fly without it." The 550th CMMXS's Oxygen Maintenance Depot is the technical
  • 101 Critical Days of Summer: A car is not a child’s toy

    When the outside temperature is 93 degrees, even with a window cracked, the temperature inside a car can reach 125 degrees in just 20 minutes and approximately 140 degrees in 40 minutes.Children should never be left alone inside a car, even for a few minutes. From 1996 through 2000, more than 120 children -- most of them ages 3 and younger -- died
  • Texting while driving: A deadly combination

    Recently, during the morning rush hour, a 53-year-old driver of a blue Dodge Caravan was traveling north on Interstate 5 outside Seattle when he took his eyes off the road to scan an email on his Blackberry, the state patrol says. And that's how he hit the white Mazda, which clipped the green Honda, which rammed the black Toyota SUV before spinning
  • Shadows' hat trick: Three Tinker senior chiefs promoted to Navy's highest enlisted rank

    Three Navy senior chiefs from a single Tinker AFB squadron were recently promoted to the highest enlisted rank, something only 13.8 percent of more than 3,000 eligible senior chiefs achieved this year.The annual Active-Duty Navy E9 Selection Board announced in May the promotions of Larry Kutnock, 41, Eric Samek, 36, and Josh Beloncik, 35, to master
  • What's in a watch and warning

    During severe weather season in Oklahoma it's critical to understand the difference between a tornado watch and a tornado warning and the safety precaustions that should be followed in each situation. Tornado WatchMonitor local radio/television stations for current information. Implement unit tornado watch and tornado shelter preparations. · Review
  • AtHoc system aims to save lives

    AtHoc is a network centric emergency mass notification system that is able to notify thousands of impending danger in a matter of minutes.Currently, the "big four" -- severe weather, active shooter, base closure and alarm condition changes -- get pushed out on AtHoc the most, but the system is capable of alerting the masses for just about anything
  • Tinker Weather Flight always on alert, severe weather taken seriously

    When it comes to severe weather, every second counts.That's why Tinker's severe weather alarm rang out at 12:30 a.m. May 8. Though nighttime tornadoes are rare, officials determined that a tornado was possible within 5 nautical miles of the base. Knowing families were sleeping, they decided to sound the alarm.According to Tech. Sgt. Cecil Anderson,
  • A look at the OC-ALC Strategic Plan: Objective 3.1 Enhancing Leadership Skills and Business Understanding

    The Oklahoma City Air Logistics Complex Strategic Plan guides people to focus on activities that will enable the organization to be successful today and into the future. The Strategic Plan does this by focusing on three major Priority areas: · Developing and Caring for Our People, · Exceeding Customer Expectations, and · Capturing Tomorrow's
  • 101 Critical Days of Summer: Use good sense - it's your choice

    The Critical Days of Summer campaign began in the early 1980s when fatal mishap numbers were growing for both on- and off-duty activities. As most of you know, the summer months from Memorial Day through Labor Day present higher than normal risks for off-duty mishaps. It's a time when we also experience fatalities at a much higher rate than other
  • AFSC Chief: Enlisted ranks are backbone of Air Force

    The Air Force Sustainment Center's highest ranking enlisted member has been on the job since April and is ready to lead and develop AFSC enlisted Airmen wherever they may be. Part of Command Chief Master Sgt. Gregg Jones' nearly 25-year career has included advising Iraq and Afghanistan how to redevelop and improve their air forces. He believes the