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  • Black History Month: Chaplain’s anchor is in the chaplaincy

    Have you ever had a dream that seemed so far-fetched that you rule it out of the realm of possibility? Chaplain (Capt.) Okechukwu Nwaneri used to view chaplaincy from the same perspective. “I never saw myself as a chaplain. I would see chaplains and always thought that would be a cool job to have, but never considered that as a legitimate option,”
  • Guard, Reserve defenders bring experience to the fight

    The training and experience our Air National Guard and Reserve law enforcement Airmen gain in their civilian and military careers help keep people safe from enemies foreign and domestic. Many of these security forces members, or defenders, bring the knowledge of both careers to make them more effective both home and abroad.
  • Tinker member discovers 50-year-old anniversary coin... and links to her dad

    Janna Newcomb was pulling up trim work while renovating her parents’ 50-year-old house in rural Seminole County when she spied two curious-looking spacers between two drywall panels. Round and silver, side by side. Plucking them out, she instantly recognized them from her childhood. They were coins commemorating Tinker Air Force Base’s 25th
  • Mom a big factor in Airman’s life

    Airman 1st Class Diandra Velasquez enjoys close-knit ties with lots of extended family members, but nothing tops her love for her mother. In fact, she joined the Air Force a little more than a year ago partly for her mom. “I had a scholarship for college, but I really wanted to help take care of my mom,” Velasquez said. “She’s basically the person
  • Heritage Day celebrates steadfast partnerships

    Steadfast partnerships benefit Tinker Air Force Base and the community it has called home for the last 75 years. The third annual Heritage Day celebration was held Oct. 7 at the Atkinson Heritage Center in Midwest City to recognize the illustrious 75th anniversaries of Tinker Air Force Base and the city of Midwest City. Celebrating the strong and
  • Tinker’s Sentry directs pieces of Red Flag puzzle with C2

    When putting a puzzle together it helps to have an image of the picture the puzzle is trying to resemble. The E-3 Sentry, an airborne early-warning and control aircraft, helps other pieces of the ATO puzzle fit into place enhancing the air picture throughout entire missions at Red Flag 16-4. “The E-3 is a command and control platform with
  • ‘Walk the Wall’ to an improved Air Logistics Complex

    Since its inception in 2012, the Air Force Sustainment Center has been on a journey toward efficiency characterized by standardized business practices. As part of this journey, the Sustainment Center developed a collection of sacred truths to guide the AFSC through its formative stages and help shape the center into the gold standard for the
  • Going batty: Tinker home to eight species of the nocturnal creatures

    With 23 different species of bats in Oklahoma, it should come as no surprise that some of them call Tinker AFB home.In fact, eight species have been discovered on base, living in the hangars and woodlands. As of today, personnel with the 72nd Air Base Wing Civil Engineering Directorate Natural Resources Office have identified the Eastern Red bat,
  • Just do it! Armory makeover saves time,money

    The 72nd Security Forces Squadron's armory was becoming a difficult place to work. It was taking far too long to locate an M-4 and its ammunition in a timely manner. The room was crowded with outdated space-saver shelves that proved to be a huge hindrance to those working there.The armory badly needed a makeover -- a little change to the way the
  • DSCM Teams are following the AFSC Way

    Air logistics complex depot operations are as complex as they've ever been. To help deal with this complexity and achieve cost-effective readiness, the Air Force Sustainment Center commander and staff have developed the AFSC Way. The Depot Supply Chain Management Teams serving at each depot location are following the AFSC Way daily as they work to