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  • Why I Serve: Freedom Citation Essay

    Freedom is not just a word, it is also a concept. Freedom doesn't have a definition to me, it has a feeling. Putting into words the feeling of freedom is as daunting a task as counting the drops of water in the ocean. By this, I simply mean I cannot explain everything that freedom is. Freedom is everything from being able to choose what I have for
  • Why is club membership important?

    The Air Force Club Membership Drive is in full swing and I am excited about the opportunity it provides for all of us at Tinker AFB. We have gained nearly 50 new members in the last month, and the membership drive will continue through May 31, but with less than 15 percent of the roughly 5,500 eligible military members on this installation on the
  • Local says thanks to military good samaritans

    Dear editor, I'm writing this letter to thank two fine military members for their help during the recent blizzard. I was amidst those stranded on Broadway Extension between Memorial and 33rd Street on Christmas Eve. Anthony, a young Air Force major, appearing out of the snow and darkness, suggested driving me home after it became apparent we
  • Why I serve

    I serve to defend freedom and my country. I serve to defeat our enemies and protect our way of life. I serve because my father served and his father before him. Ask any Soldier, Sailor, Marine or Airman and you might hear just that. But do they really understand? Can they honestly say that they know exactly why they serve? Or is it just faith, a
  • Veterans’ sacrifices have far-reaching effects

    On Veterans Day, we honor those who have served in our nation's armed forces, as well as those who continue to serve. This being the Year of the Air Force Family, it's also appropriate that we acknowledge not only the service and sacrifices of our military veterans, but those of their family members as well. Deployments are tough on family members,
  • Why I serve

    As a child, my father would tell me countless stories of the sufferings he had to endure. In my father's country there were little resources due to electoral fraud and a military government that resorted to political murder. It eventually led to a bloody civil war in the 1970s and '80s. Everywhere you turned there were hungry mothers, fathers, and
  • Tinker AFB is prepared for 2009 ORI

    The Operational Readiness Inspection begins Monday and Tinker is prepared. How do I know this? I have seen it firsthand. Over the past year, I have witnessed how we perform in crisis situations, both real-world and exercise. I have seen us deploy Airmen and Sailors across the globe as well as "down the street" to the Glenwood training area. It does
  • B-1 celebrates 25 years of airpower

    October is a special month for a special combat aircraft. The United States Air Force B-1B Lancer first flew on October 18, 1984. Though that aircraft, tail number 82-0001, is no longer in the active inventory, it was the leading edge for a fleet that numbered 100 B-1Bs when the last was delivered in 1988. The 25th anniversary of this flight is a
  • Disease strengthens relationship bonds

    Editor's note: October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. During this time it is important to spread the message that "early detection is the key." But, once that detection happens, what then? For this survivor, the disease and her fight to recover from it brought her closer to her family and helped her form new relationships with others battling
  • MDG recognizes admin team

    Every member of the United States Air Force brings something special to the fight. Each of us is part of a team that coalesces into a larger whole. We support each other in so many ways that we are like a family. We are wingmen to one another. Our Air Force is the best in the world because of the symbiotic bond our team shares. One particular team