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  • Education, assistance benefits pay off

    A college-level education can be expensive. Exploring career options can be both costly and time consuming. Yet many personnel at Tinker have an advantage. These services are significantly discounted, or entirely free, for Airmen. "Do not waste the opportunity to advance your personal goals and career by not taking advantage of everything that's
  • Inspection ready?

    We have all heard the talk lately about being "Inspection Ready". But, what exactly does this mean? Depending on who you ask, you may hear several different answers. One person might say that it means cleaning up your work area, another person might say that it means following the tech data, while a third might say that it means having all of your
  • Why I serve

    The question as to why I serve seemed to have an obvious answer at first. All the reasons that I told myself when I went to see the recruiter; education, travel, the chance to contribute something to my country; they seemed so clear. But then I started to really think about the question. Was that it, my entire logic process for signing up? Were
  • COMMENTARY: New wing vice commander pledges to serve Tinker

    o begin with, I really want to thank all of Team Tinker for their warm welcome for myself and my family. Alecia and I could not be happier to be here and to be joining the Wildcatter community. As the 72nd Air Base Wing vice commander, I'm going to be "all in" for whatever this job may throw at me, but I really work in direct support of Col. Allen
  • Leadership in the aging U.S. work force

    The aging of the U.S. work force is much like a tornado...we know it's coming, some type of havoc is probable, but until it hits the amount of damage can only be estimated. While a tornado will likely wreak havoc, the aging work force won't necessarily cause damage. The aging of the work force, however, increases the probability of a younger
  • Chaplain's Corner: Pancakes or TV dinners?

    Whoever said "the fastest way to a man's heart is through his stomach" really had something there. It is true. Men seem to connect best over plates of steaming hot entrées. My wife, before we were married, would make the best dishes and that continues on even today. I am sure that is one of the many reasons we connected so well as she is such a
  • Chaplains Corner: Transparency and a healthy marriage

    Last month, I took a moment to answer the question, "What advice do you give to couples who come seeking help with their marriage?" I mentioned that this is a complicated topic, but went on to say that lack of truly healthy two-way communication is often the biggest issue underlying other relationship trouble. The easiest solution is improving
  • Recommitting to high standards

    Shortly after accepting the responsibility of leading America's Air Force, Secretary of the Air Force Michael B. Donley issued a Letter to Airmen calling for each of us to recommit to our own high Air Force standards. Among other actions, the secretary challenged us to: · Ensure that our core values of Integrity First, Service before Self and
  • Chaplain’s Corner: How committed are you?

    I enlisted my son, Jonathan, in the U. S. Coast Guard last September. He faced me, and I said "Raise your right and repeat after me ..." He repeated the words and signed his name on the contract. He left for boot camp and has since reported to his boat. When you think about the oath of enlistment, it is a simple thing. "I, state your name, do
  • Chaplain's Corner: Are you ‘holding the horses’?

    We are still on the front end of a new year. How is it going for you so far? And how are your New Year's resolutions coming along? Often, the first thing broken after Christmas is the New Year's resolutions! I hope yours are still intact. I think of the scripture in Joshua 3:1-5, when Joshua, the new leader of Israel following the death of Moses,