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  • Be selfish for safety

    It is often said that "you can lead a horse to water, but you can't make him drink." Unfortunately, the same holds true for some Airmen in the workplace when it comes to safety. Leadership can provide the resources necessary for a safe and healthy work environment, but to remain 100 percent mishap-free, each of us must make a conscious decision to
  • Share Air Force Mission with community

    There was nothing like it east of the Great Wall of China. It was to have preserved the peace in Europe for decades. It failed by default! More than 70 years ago France built the Maginot Line, an impenetrable system of forts and underground defenses designed to block the threat of invasion from a growingly aggressive Germany. The 124-mile long
  • Wingman day…all day, everyday

    We're halfway through November, the holidays will soon be upon us. In a few short weeks, families and friends will be gathered around the dining room table giving thanks for the many blessings we enjoy in our daily lives, enjoying our Thanksgiving Day feasts, and maybe watching a football game or two. Before we realize it, the Christmas tree will
  • Why is OPSEC important?

    Operations Security... hmmm. It's just another one of those programs the Air Force pushes, it doesn't apply to me. It really can't harm the Air Force if I discuss the work we're doing while I'm at lunch, or throw those documents in the trash. They're not classified; only classified stuff really needs to be protected, right? Not true, In the mid
  • Like Sept. 11, the fight against terror affects total force

    As September approaches each year, I am reminded of the events that transpired on Sept. 11th , 2001 and what that day was like for our nation. I imagine that each person reading this right now recalls exactly where they were, what they were doing and how they reacted when they heard the news of the attacks on the Twin Towers and the Pentagon. I am
  • It's about our Airmen

    Over 21 years ago, I graduated basic training as an Airman First Class and was lucky enough to get a direct duty assignment back to Lackland Air Force Base.    The one factor that had the biggest impression on me was my master sergeant non-commissioned officer in charge, who was my boss, mentor, and hero because of the way he went about his daily
  • American history, African American history, a family history

    My family has been in the same business for more than 65 years now. It started with my grandfather in 1941. He handed it off to my father in 1976 and my father handed it to me in 2001.    Some families run restaurants or bakeries. Some families own and operate their own auto shops or construction businesses. My family business is the Air Force.   
  • "New Year's Resolution - Exercise Program"

         The holidays have come and gone and some of us are already probably having problems sticking to our New Year's Resolutions. A lot us resolve to stick to a budget, volunteer more, eat better or exercise more. Exercising more is a particularly popular resolution a lot of us make. Whether it's to increase our physical fitness, enhance our mental
  • Servant leadership essential in today's Air Force

    Airmen are familiar with one of the Air Force's core values: Service before self. This simple but profound concept has implications -- long duty hours, deployments, separation from family, assignments you may not have requested.    These sacrifices represent Airmen's willingness to put the needs of the Air Force ahead of their own comfort or
  • I Owe the Air Force for everything

    As I'm nearing the sunset of my Air Force career it becomes easier to answer the following question: What do I owe the Air Force?    My response to this simple question: "I believe I owe the Air Force for everything."    I know it sounds far-fetched and no I'm not bucking for another promotion or a "pat on the back," but in my case it's true.