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  • "New Year's Resolution - Exercise Program"

         The holidays have come and gone and some of us are already probably having problems sticking to our New Year's Resolutions. A lot us resolve to stick to a budget, volunteer more, eat better or exercise more. Exercising more is a particularly popular resolution a lot of us make. Whether it's to increase our physical fitness, enhance our mental
  • Servant leadership essential in today's Air Force

    Airmen are familiar with one of the Air Force's core values: Service before self. This simple but profound concept has implications -- long duty hours, deployments, separation from family, assignments you may not have requested.    These sacrifices represent Airmen's willingness to put the needs of the Air Force ahead of their own comfort or
  • I Owe the Air Force for everything

    As I'm nearing the sunset of my Air Force career it becomes easier to answer the following question: What do I owe the Air Force?    My response to this simple question: "I believe I owe the Air Force for everything."    I know it sounds far-fetched and no I'm not bucking for another promotion or a "pat on the back," but in my case it's true.   
  • Commander offers insight to coin presentation

    One of the rewarding aspects of being a squadron commander is recognizing a job well done with a commander's coin.    While a coin may seem like a small token, few people fully realize the significant symbolism of coins in our martial heritage. Giving a coin is not just a gesture, and a coin is not a hollow memento. When I give a coin, that
  • Airman reflects on 'Heritage to Horizons' Symposium

    I was lucky enough to attend the Heritage to Horizons Women's Symposium in Washington D.C. this past fall. I heard many women tell their success stories and was inspired by these women and their great careers.    We experienced first-hand the proud heritage of ingenuity, courage, resolve and success from many accomplished female Airmen. Notably,
  • Live core values, don't just memorize them

    ISE or Integrity, Service, Excellence; we see our core values on briefing charts, in correspondence, and in many of our day-to-day activities. Sometimes I wonder if we are becoming desensitized to the words or whether we are truly embracing our core values as part of our culture.    Not too long ago, I was leading a team finalizing a contract
  • Commander sends Thanksgiving message

    To the men and women of the Oklahoma City Air Logistics Center,    In 1789, President George Washington declared a day of public thanksgiving and prayer to give thanks to God for the many blessings that have been bestowed upon our nation.    Since then, our blessings have done nothing but multiply, and for that we should also be thankful.   
  • Expeditionary is our middle name

    Expedition. "Sent on military service abroad..." -- Webster's Collegiate Dictionary    I know you are saying, "... great, more talk about the Airman's Manual."    Ten years ago, "words" like "Manas" and "Bagram" were not part of our daily conversations. But, being expeditionary is an important part of our heritage. Ever since 1916 when Maj. Gen.
  • Recycle? If not you, then who?

    Recycling is one of the most important individual efforts we can make towards protecting our environment. Recycling conserves resources, reduces waste, prevents pollution and creates jobs.    Over the past two decades, recycling has become a vital part of our nation's conservation ethic and government agencies are leading the way by developing
  • Wingman: Leader, follower, friend

    Since 2004, the Air Force has encouraged Airmen to embrace the Wingman concept. However, some non-flyers have asked how this concept applies to them. Our heritage stems from Airmen taking care of each other in the air and on the ground. In practical terms any Airmen can relate to, being a "Wingman" in today's Air Force calls for you to be a leader,