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  • Lean metrics: Red is good, green is worthless

    I remember back in my Navy days having a boss who managed under the mantra, "If you aren't measuring it, you aren't managing it." We had metrics for everything, and we briefed them on a regular basis.    I remember countless long hours trying to figure out how to explain and justify the metrics in the "red." I could just see my fitness report and
  • Combined Federal Campaign: Tinker has history of record-breaking giving

    I'm proud to have this opportunity to address the upcoming 2007 Combined Federal Campaign.    One of the top priorities of the Air Force is caring for our Airmen and their families. By fulfilling this promise, we all become stronger ... as a service, as a nation and as individuals. We can show that same spirit of dedication and service before self
  • Commentary: Tinker legacy: Warfighters depend on you

    I have served this country on the ground, in the combat zone in two wars, 30 years apart.    In both of those wars, whenever I heard or saw an aircraft, my pulse rate would go down a few beats, my blood pressure would drop a little, and my breath would come a little easier.    I was actually able to relax a little. "Why would that be?" you might
  • Sharpen the Sword

    As vice commander of the Oklahoma City Air Logistics Center, I am honored to serve beside each and every one of you as we constantly strive to get "better." Our ALC plays a vital role in sharpening the swords of our warfighters. This means ensuring they have the tools they need to succeed and helping guarantee our victory in the global war on
  • Thinking about safety

    I have been thinking a lot about safety recently...I hope you have, too. Safety is part of my daily cross-check for the Oklahoma City Air Logistics Center.    The OC-ALC recently started a "Safety Heroes" program. These heroes are employees who identify and help us correct deficiencies and processes in the workplace that could lead to mishaps.
  • CMSAF enlightens local command chiefs

    In late July, Chief Master Sgt. of the Air Force Rodney J. McKinley brought together career field managers, professional military education commandants and command chief master sergeants for the first-ever Senior Enlisted Leaders Summit at Maxwell Air Force Base, Ala., Gunter Annex.    In previous years, the CMSAFs hosted a Worldwide Command Chief
  • Proud to serve: I am an American Airman

    While assigned to serve Airmen of the Air Force Honor Guard, I continue to note one of the most humbling experiences in my 26-year tenure, the opportunity to stand on the grounds of the Air Force Memorial.    Like most experiences, they only become important when we assign and retain meaning to them. The memorial itself is of the finest quality.
  • Take responsibility for safety of your family, friends and self

    Just step outside and you know summer is here. And, with the lure of summer fun, Airmen will face the increased risk of mishaps now that we are in the 101 Critical Days of Summer.    Although the 101 days between Memorial Day and Labor Day account for more than a quarter of the calendar year, history has shown that an exponentially higher
  • Sharpening the sword of the warfighters

    As the new Commander of the Oklahoma City Air Logistics Center, I am humbled and honored to serve with you as we perform our vital mission. Our goal moving forward is to constantly strive to get "better," as we all play a vital role in the defense of this great nation. Each and every one of you sharpens the swords of our warfighters. What does it